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Want to trade??


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  • Want to trade??

    I recently purchased over a hundred pins from a former, longtime WDW cast member. Among other things, he was a Dream Team member and had amassed quite the collection. I am planning on trading most of what I bought on my trip from April 7-11. I picked out some of the cooler ones and thought I would offer to anyone here who might want to meet up to trade. If you want to know more, let me know.

    I am more than happy to trade several for one pin (i.e. all 5 bowling pins for one LE pin). Since I don't get to the park but maybe once a year, I would love to get some of the pins I have missed. I would love to get pins from the HM O'Pin House. I have a few, but would love more. I also would love to get my hands on WDI (I have always wanted one of the trash cans) or DSF. I mainly collect Stitch, HM, Fantasia, Muppets, and rarer Pixars.

    Thanks for looking.

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    Re: Want to trade??


    If you have not done so already you may want to set up a pinpics account. That way you can log all your available pins for trade. None of these really grab my attention, but I would be interested in seeing more. One person's trash is another person's treasure.


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      Re: Want to trade??

      I have an account, but I didn't think about setting up that part. I might do that.

      I forgot about your Tink collection. I have some of her. I will try and post later. If you happen to still have either of those Pixar shorts pins, I would love to trade you for them.


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        Re: Want to trade??

        I do still have those. My trader list is kept up to date. TinkerBell and Jessica are my primary focus, but I also enjoy obscure characters and I am always looking for Toot Whistle Plunk and Boom pins.


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          Re: Want to trade??

          Here are the Tink's that I have. I thought there were more, but this is all I could find. The Valentine's one is an LE.

          These are the most obscure (or at least lesser seen) that I have.

          I hope maybe some of these interest you.


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            Re: Want to trade??

            hmmm. Nothing really jumped out at me. But keep posting. You never know what I may like. Your pictures are good. Most people would have blurry ones.

            Here are some of those on pinpics.

            Pin Pics: View Pin 42436
            Pin Pics: View Pin 26417
            Pin Pics: View Pin 43894
            Pin Pics: View Pin 18616
            Pin Pics: View Pin 16972
            Pin Pics: View Pin 66491
            Pin Pics: View Pin 33955
            Pin Pics: View Pin 27867
            Pin Pics: View Pin 34470
            Pin Pics: View Pin 41637
            Pin Pics: View Pin 42212


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              Re: Want to trade??

              I thought I might as well post the rest of what I am trading.


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                Re: Want to trade??

                OK, so with Melonballer getting me started (Thanx!!) I set up Pinpics with a bunch of pins I am looking for and a lot of the trades I have listed here. Several possibilities came up for me. I am hoping to hook up at least a few.

                You can find me under the same name I use here: chiefyouth
                Last edited by chiefyouth; 03-30-2011, 11:49 PM. Reason: Added name


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                  Re: Want to trade??

                  I have been able to trade 3 of these using Pinpics, but the rest are still available. I would really love to see these go to people who will appreciate them and not just on to some cast member lanyard as I trade them off.


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