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Question about ease of selling and trading LE pins


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  • Question about ease of selling and trading LE pins


    I'm new to serious pin trading. I've been trading in the parks for years, but haven't really taken it seriously until now. I have recently started to purchase more LE pins.

    I have just been selected to partake in the Disneyland's Gear Up Pin Event (So excited to get my Oswald pins). They have a bunch of limited edition pins and have randomly selected people to have the first opportunity to purchase them. I am planning on purchasing several for my own collection, but I am wondering if I should purchase some extras for trading or possibly secondary market (although I'm not a big fan of this).

    My problem is that I am a little cash strapped right now, so I don't want to buy a lot of extra pins that won't give me a high trade value or that I can't sell if I need to get my money back.

    So, how well do the LE pins trade? Do they give me much trading power? The pins that I would be getting include a Jessica pin, Dumbo pin, and several pixar characters as cars (woody, buzz, sully, mike and the yeti - these were featured at the end of the Cars movie).

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Question about ease of selling and trading LE pins

    Well there is nothing wrong with buying some traders. The most popular themes are (in no particular order); Haunted Mansion, TinkerBell, Stitch, Jessica Rabbit, Tangled, Up and Alice in Wonderland. Generally Pixar based pins are not that big a deal on the secondary or trading market.


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      Re: Question about ease of selling and trading LE pins

      Thank you. That was helpful. I probably won't pick up anymore than I personally want for my collection at this time. If the LE don't have a stronger trade value, then I'm probably not going to stretch to buy any extras for trading at this time.


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        Re: Question about ease of selling and trading LE pins

        Don't get me wrong, LE's generally have better trade value. What it really all comes down to is a few key things.

        1. Character: The more popular, the better
        2. Design: The better the design, the more popular the pin will be.
        3. Edition Size: The Lower the edition size, the more potential value it has.
        4. Theme: If it is a popular theme, like say an El Capitain Marquee pin, it can have a lot of value.

        None of these things by themselves lead to trade value. For example, a Jessica Rabbit pin that is open edition (meaning they made a ton of them) and has a fairly generic design is not really worth much. An Le100 of Winnie the Pooh generally has little trade value since Pooh is not a popular pin character.

        But, if it is a say a LE300 Tangled pin with a cute design, it would have HUGE trade value.

        If you are really interested in learning the trading ropes with some experienced traders, I can probably get some of my trading friends who will be there for the Gear UP event to give you some tips. These are people who are familiar with the pin trading community and know who all the good and bad traders are. Just let me know.


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