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  • Resources to determine pin authenticity

    Hi everyone! I started collecting pins in 2017 and so far have a fairly small but fun collection going! But i'm wondering how to best tell a fake pin from a real one. I've done my own casual research into it and I know about scrappers and other unofficial pins, i'm just not sure how to tell one from the other. I'm especially curious because a family member got their hands on a lanyard that, while itself themed after the Haunted Mansion and very impressive, had a BUNCH of Mansion and Pirates pins on it, many of them claiming to be Hidden Mickey sets or Cast Lanyard sets, which I understand to be pretty neat to gather up? I like them, regardless, but it'd be cool to know if they're fake or not.

    TL;DR: I got some cool pins recently, where do you suggest I go to learn if they're official?

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