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Great CM Story - The almost Pin Disaster

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  • Great CM Story - The almost Pin Disaster

    We just got back from Disneyland and had a wonderful trip - I'll post a full report later.

    Thursday afternoon, we were walking out of Frontierland over the bridge to Main Street - my DH thought it would be funny to pick up my 6 year old and pretend to throw him over the bridge. Well, he tossed and jerked him back quick, causing a pin off of his lanyard to fall off into the water.

    Now, we could see the pin, but didn't think it was appropriate to go after it. A custodial worker named Mayra stopped and saw our dilemma. She had no way of getting it, but took us over to the pin carts and explained what happened. Mary (CM at the pin trading cart) took over, but Mayra stayed to make sure we were taken care of.

    My son was really upset, and all we wanted was to get his pin out of the water - but, I didn't see that happening. So, Mary called a supervisor (Vanessa) and she came right out. Vanessa asked Tyson what pins he was collecting - it happened to be Chip and Dale pins. So, she brought him a cast member pin, a silhouette pin with chip on it, and told him she was sorry he lost his pin and that she would like him to have the replacement.

    All was happy and well, and I went and filled out a thank you at City Hall.
    Will trade husband for Disneyland and DCA Pins!

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    Re: Great CM Story - The almost Pin Disaster

    That is such a good thing that the CM did. I'm sure your son won't forget that trip, thanks for sharing.


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      Re: Great CM Story - The almost Pin Disaster

      That's awesome!
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        Re: Great CM Story - The almost Pin Disaster

        That is really nice! You don't see this happening very often. Those CM's should all be awarded form City Hall. Good job guys!!
        Glad to see you got a pin back too!