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    Hi, I just got back from Disney World and did some vinylmations trading, but I thought the trading could have been easier and more fun like pin trading. The only people you really trade with are people working Mystery Trading Boxes. There are tons of people walking around the parks that would trade with you, but you would never know because you can't see people's vinylmations like you do pins on a lanyard. On the flight back I came up with an idea to use the Internet to help facilitate trades and connect people in the parks to meetup for a person to person vinylmation trade.

    I would like some feedback on the idea to see if it's worth my time in developing the service. I created a simple web site so people could read more about the idea and collect feedback. If you would like to help please visit and give me your opinion.

    Thanks You!


    • Re: Vinylmation Buy/Sell/Trade

      Hello all...

      I have a complete Toy Story set to trade.. I have an unopened tray of th elion king I need to get rid of.. trade or sell? I have the Billiards set to trade or sell.. CHASERS... Kermit (from Muppets 1) Cinderella Castle (from Cutester 1) Small World (Park 3) for trade or sell...

      Looking for Star Wars... Vader, R2D2, Boba Fett, Obi Wan (chaser)
      Park 5 or 6 (Any figures)


      • Re: Vinylmation Buy/Sell/Trade

        Hi all, I've collected for a while but this is my first time trying to trade so please bare with me!

        To trade:
        I have an Alice (Animation #1) that I would like to trade, in good condition complete with box and card.

        Would like:
        I'd idealy like a Fairy God Mother or if not a Marie, Aladin or Simba (all Animation #1)
        I would also be open to Pete or the Old Hag from the vilains series.
        Or mostly anything from the Lion King series.

        To be honest, as long as it's character based I'm willing to discuss possibly trading the Alice for it

        If you're interested please email me at


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          • Re: Vinylmation Buy/Sell/Trade

            Updated list of traders...

            P5 Carousel of Progress
            P5 Pirate
            P5 Buzz Cruiser
            Villains Shan Yu
            Holiday 2 Groundhog
            Holiday 2 patriot
            U7 Squirrel
            M2 Floyd Pepper

            Looking for...
            Tron Clu
            Obi Wan
            Mickey Nerd
            Donald Nerd
            Cars Set
            Frankenstein set
            AP Goofy from DCA



            • Re: Vinylmation Buy/Sell/Trade

              This is my first post, so I am unsure how this actually works, but I am interested in selling or trading my entire set of the Villain Series 1 minus the Chaser. If anyone is interested, let me know.



              • Re: Vinylmation Buy/Sell/Trade

                New to the whole trading scene, so please pardon me if I don't seem aware of value differences...

                Lotso (Toy Story)
                Jessie (Toy Story)
                Queen of Hearts (Alice)

                Looking for:
                Cheshire Cat (Alice)
                Caterpillar (Alice)
                Kaa (Villains 1)
                Pumpkin Mickey aka Mickey's Garden (Have a Laugh)
                Panda (Park 2)

                Thanks, and happy trading!


                • Re: Vinylmation Buy/Sell/Trade

                  Vinylmation Figures: Huge Sale. $10 Figures, Tons of Artist Cards

                  Figures are $10 each unless noted. Shipping is $2.00 for any amount of figures.

                  Park 1:

                  Park 2:

                  Park 3:
                  WDW Castle (No Card) $8

                  Park 4:

                  Park 5:

                  Park 6:
                  Topper: Runaway Brain (x10) $12
                  Tiki $10
                  Sonny Eclipse $10
                  Hollywood Studios $9
                  Orange Monorail $10
                  Magic Kingdom Epcot Sign $12
                  Primevel Whirl (x2) $9

                  Park 7:
                  Topper Tuxedo Mickey $10
                  Figment (Grey Suit) $15
                  America on Parade $10
                  Tinkerbell $15
                  Star Jets $12
                  World of Motion Sea Serpent $12
                  Kermit Muppet Vision (x2) $10
                  Kali River Rapids $10
                  Epcot 2000 $10

                  Urban 1:

                  Urban 2:

                  Urban 3:
                  Orange Gears $8
                  Palm Tree (x2) $10
                  Cookie Jar (No Card) $9

                  Urban 4:
                  Pink Gears (No Card) $10

                  Urban 5:
                  Blue Lava Lamp (No Card) $5
                  Red Gears (No Card) $5
                  X-Ray (No Card) $8

                  Urban 6:
                  Spirograph $8

                  Urban 7:
                  Zombie Girl (x4) $10
                  Zombie Girl (No Glasses) $5
                  Chipmunk $8
                  Cyclops Brown (x2) $7

                  Urban 8:
                  Flowers and Beads $10
                  Gold Tooth DJ (x3) $9
                  Yellow Robot $10
                  Rodos Wrestler $12

                  Star Wars:
                  Leia (x5) $8
                  Lando (x5) $7
                  Yoda (x3) $12
                  Han Solo (x2) $8
                  Chewy $10
                  Storm Trooper (x6) $15

                  Alice in Wonderland:
                  Mad Hatter (x2) $12
                  Caterpillar $12
                  Oyster Baby (x2) $8
                  Dodo Bird (x6) $7
                  Tweedle Dee $8

                  Pirates of the Caribbean:
                  Skeleton (Red Bandana) $12
                  Skeleton (Blud Bandana) $12
                  Skeleton (Beads w/ Hat) $12
                  Guy with Hook and Hat $12
                  Tiny (Large Women) $12
                  Piggy $12
                  Guy with Orange Hair and Mustache $12

                  Nightmare Before Christmas:
                  Jack (New in Box) (x4) $15

                  Vinylmation Jr:
                  Diamond Ring (Bride) (x4) $15
                  Gold Ring (Groom) (x5) $15
                  Ball and Chain (Groom) (x4) $9
                  Grey and White Lace (Bride) (x3) $8
                  Rose Bouquet (Bride) (x2) $12
                  Garter (Groom) Short Print $15

                  Phil (x2)

                  Villains 2:
                  Shere Khan $10

                  Lion King:
                  Nala $10
                  Rafiki $15

                  Have A Laugh:

                  (Jr's See Vinylmation Jr's List)
                  Groom (x10) $8
                  Bride (x10) $8

                  Toy Story:
                  Woody $10
                  Army Man (No Card) $7


                  Holiday 1:

                  Holiday 2:



                  Cutesters 2:
                  Bear (No Card) $5
                  Red Scarf Girl (No Card) $5

                  Evilos Customs:
                  (Allow 2-3 Weeks, Made to Order)
                  3" Cheshire Cat $75
                  9" Cheshire Cat $200
                  Mickey In Carbonite $50
                  Vinylmation Jr in Carbonite $25
                  9" Eeyore $250
                  3" Eeyore $125
                  9" Pooh $125
                  3" Pooh $60 with Honey Pot

                  Candy Customs. $40 Each
                  1. 200th Blue
                  2. Midnight Blue (Darker)
                  3. Cold Blue
                  4. Irish Green
                  5. Apple Green
                  6. Red
                  7. Pink
                  8. Purple
                  9. Cosmic Black
                  10. Grey
                  11. Silver
                  12. Orange
                  13. Yellow
                  14. Cola


                  Artist Cards:
                  $2.50 Each unless noted.

                  Park 1:

                  Park 2:
                  Aquaramouse $5
                  Aquaramouse $5
                  Festival of the Lion King $5
                  Festival of the Lion King $5
                  Festival of the Lion King $5
                  Panda $10
                  Little Green Men $10
                  Mike Mouse $10

                  Park 3:
                  IASW Chaser $10
                  Pirate Auctioneer
                  America Sings x3
                  Big Al

                  Park 4:
                  Colonel Chaser $12
                  "iasw" Leopard x2
                  POTC Guard Dog x2
                  DCL Smokestack

                  Urban 1:
                  El Super Raton $20
                  Pirates Signed $25

                  Urban 2:
                  Green Tea $12
                  Glass Half Full
                  Paint By Numbers
                  Urban 2 Blue Bear
                  Chinese Writings

                  Urban 3:
                  Watermelon Chaser $10
                  Orange Gears
                  Palm Trees
                  Wolf Boy
                  Wolf Boy

                  Urban 4:
                  Squares x4
                  Splatter x2

                  Holiday 1:

                  Lady Bug
                  Bumble Bee
                  Crowned Hearts
                  Nested Doll
                  Hearts & Mickeys

                  Fozzey Bear

                  Toy Story:
                  Buzz $4 (x2)
                  Buzz Signed by Thomas Scott $15

                  Have A Laugh:
                  Angry Ostrich x4
                  Pluto Sweater

                  Nightmare Before Christmas
                  Pumpkin King $4

                  Vinylmation Jr:
                  Fish Jr. (Sticker)


                  • Re: Vinylmation Buy/Sell/Trade

                    Hi all,

                    I have a full set of the Alice vinylmation (11 total, no chaser), all in boxes with foil, but opened just to check which ones they are, for $110. Retail is $153 with tax! Can meet at Disneyland. Paypal or cash is fine, just pvt me. Thanks!

                    SOLD thanks
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                    • Re: Vinylmation Buy/Sell/Trade

                      *Update 12/28/11*

                      Bride (Celebration)
                      Groom (Celebration)
                      White Rabbit (Alice in Wonderland)
                      Jessie (Toy Story)
                      Hamm (Toy Story)
                      Green Army Man (Toy Story)

                      Floyd Pepper (Muppets 2)
                      Monstro (Park 6)
                      Alice (Animation 1)
                      Sumo Wrestler (Urban 6)
                      Pumbaa (Lion King)
                      Peg Leg Pete (Have a Laugh)
                      Lady Tremaine (Villains 2)
                      Captain Hook (Villains 2)
                      I Want S'More (Cutesters Too)
                      Happy Lollypops (Cutesters Too)

                      Looking For:
                      Janice (Muppets 2)
                      Link Hogthrob (Muppets 2)
                      Bullseye (Toy Story)

                      Private message me if interested!
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                      • Re: Vinylmation Buy/Sell/Trade

                        Hi Ya'll
                        I'm new to this site and collect few vinyls just for fun --not an extreme passion. Is this the place to post Vinyls I have to trade?


                        • Re: Vinylmation Buy/Sell/Trade

                          Originally posted by MinnieCouture View Post
                          Hi Ya'll
                          I'm new to this site and collect few vinyls just for fun --not an extreme passion. Is this the place to post Vinyls I have to trade?
                          yes :0
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                          In twenty years from now
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                          • Re: Vinylmation Buy/Sell/Trade

                            HEy there! I am looking for a set of Park 7 or Park 8. I have the following sets up for trade. I also understand due to the sale price of some vinyls I am willing to trade more of certain sets.
                            Lion King
                            Pirates of Caribbean
                            Star Wars
                            Muppets 1 MIssing a few cards
                            Muppets 2 missing a few cards
                            Urban 3
                            Urban 5
                            Urban 6 + chaser
                            Urban 7
                            Villians 1

                            I also have some tins, NY minnie, SF cable car, SF golden gate and AP Orange Bird.

                            If your interested in any of the above I am also a pin collector. If your interested just ask.
                            Thanks for looking!


                            • Re: Vinylmation Buy/Sell/Trade

                              Looking for:

                              1) Mother Gothel 3"
                              2) Queen of Hearts 3"
                              3) Jiminy Cricket 3"
                              4) Maleficent and Prince Philip 9"/3" Combo

                              Email me at with any offers...both, just looking to sell and trade options. Thanks =]