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A quick crash course on Disney Vinylmation figures


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  • A quick crash course on Disney Vinylmation figures

    Okay I just figured that a small guide to the figures that have popped up at the parks and at the Disney store would be helpful to those that are either interested in getting a couple or have never heard of them before. Its not really a in depth guide its more of the basics to kinda get you going on your collection.

    *** The vinylmation figures first showed up around December of '08 with the Park 1 series.

    *** Once a Vinylmation series is gone thats it, the only way to then get whatever figures you havent collected is to try trading with someone or try getting it on ebay. Currently the two serie's that are sold out and can only be collected by the means mentioned above are Park 1 and Urban 1.

    *** Each Vinylmation series (so far) has consisted of twelve total figures to collect. Of the twelve only eleven figures are displayed. The last "hidden" design is called the "chaser".

    *** The chaser is the rarest figure of the series because there is only one chaser per case of Vinylmation figures.

    *** There are 24 boxes of Vinylmation figures in a case. There are two complete sets of the eleven pictured figures, while there is only one chaser and a triplicate of a previous design to complete the 24 box case.

    *** You typically dont know what figure your getting until you open the silver foil wrapper. Each figure (except the clear series) comes with a card with the original artist's concept.

    ***Currently these are the chasers for the particular series's that have been out.

    Park 1 - Balloon chaser
    Urban 1 - Gold chaser
    Park 2 - Pongo chaser
    Urban 2 - Twist of lime chaser
    Clear 1 - Clear white chaser

    I hope some of this info helps inform those that are interested in buying some vinyls and hopefully if it becomes a new hobby they can try and keep a potential sought after figure that at the time they had no idea they had in their possession.
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    Re: A quick crash course on Disney Vinylmation figures

    Very cool! It's nice to get some information about this because I see these everywhere. I still won't buy into them but at least it's cool to look.

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      Re: A quick crash course on Disney Vinylmation figures

      Cool! Thanks for posting!


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