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Bought my first Vinylmation today


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  • Bought my first Vinylmation today

    I swear, I never thought I'd care about these. I'd seen them in passing around Disneyland, and I thought they were weird. They didn't have much of an appeal to me. So yesterday while taking my time to browse around Star Trader, I thought I'd give them a better look. I noticed they had a display of tons of different Vinylmation figures up above the merchandise shelves that were hanging on a wall. And that's when I noticed a normal looking retro Mickey. Knowing nothing about these, I poked around through the merchandise to see if I could find this Mickey as me and my boyfriend thought he looked cool. In doing this, I realized there were none. I did sort of get the idea in my head that it might be fun to buy one and see what I got. But I didn't.

    Then today I got online and started doing some research on these guys. I'd known they were similar to the pin trading in that they were pretty popular amongst some Disney fans, but wow. And there's tons upon tons of them. Anyhow, I eventually learned that the classic, retro Mickey I'd seen yesterday was a Cast Member exclusive. So being the Ebay junkie that I sometimes am, I decided to get on and look around for one. And voila! I found a sealed MIB one from a local seller for $17.50. And from there I did more and more looking around, and this has taken up the better part of my day. But now there are a few other 3" figures I'm interested in tracking down in due time. But, I have a question...

    Can anyone tell me at the present time what is available at the Resort in terms of the different series? I know I saw Park 4 and the Muppets yesterday, but I can't recall what else. Is the Clear series still available in the DL shops? I see the website has them on sale, but if I can pick them up in the store, I'd rather do that as it's more fun to me.


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    Re: Bought my first Vinylmation today

    I saw the clear series at Disneyland when I was looking around last weekend.


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