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No One Way to Trade in WDW...


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  • No One Way to Trade in WDW...

    Just came back from WDW and was a little disappointed in the way Vinylmation is handled. Each place does it differently.

    They either only have the clear box of three (one place only had two) or they only bring up the mystery box at certain times or MAKE you choose from the mystery box first before the clear case or you can choose from whatever one you want.

    It was a bit confusing. And each case had the same 6 or so vinylmations.

    And the last time we were there, D Street had just opened, and every CM with pins was wearing vinylamtion pins. So this trip I had a few vinylmation pins and was very disappointed to see that EVERY CM was wearing a regular lanyard (apparently there was ONE CM with a vinyl only lanyard, but I didn't see him)

    I managed to buy a few I needed and trade for a few i liked, but in general I was disappointed with how there seemed to be no set way of trading.
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    Re: No One Way to Trade in WDW...

    NNL, I completely agree with you. Every place was different and the rules changed all the time. What I found frustrating was when the mystery box was out on the counter but I couldn't trade from it because it wasn't the right time (I thought they should put it away out of sight if this was the case). I also found it annoying when the clear boxes had a couple of the same vinylmations in it - I had thought there would be a rule similar to the "only one type of pin per lanyard" rule.

    Also, when my sister was trying to complete the TS3 collection, some CMs would search a mystery box for her and tell her where the TS3 vinylmations were. I guess it just depended on who was working at the time.

    I did see the one man with all vinylmation pin lanyard at D Street but only once (and I was there several times).

    Like you, I managed to buy and trade for ones I likes but I tended to stay away from the mystery boxes and just trade out of the clear boxes as those didn't seem to have time restrictions on them.


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      Re: No One Way to Trade in WDW...

      thats how it was for me back in April! but some r very nice!


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        Re: No One Way to Trade in WDW...

        Disneyland seems to have inconsistencies in how they handle Vinylmation trading as well.

        Also, some of the trading locations seem to change on a whim so it makes it really difficult just to track down these locations.


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