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  • Vinylmation

    I was NOT going to get into Vinylmation..........BUT they are now selling them at my local Disney Store. OMG! I am now so addicted.

    Does anyone know what other type (s) of merchandise they will be having at the stores?

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    Re: Vinylmation

    When I went into the Disney Store in San Francisco I saw that they had Vinylmation but they only had the Urban series whose designs really don't have anything to do with the park or any of its rides. I'm not sure if it was just SF's store or most Disney stores that only carry the urban series, but I'd like to see more of the Vinylmation Park series.

    Sorry this doesn't answer your question, Pixie.

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      Re: Vinylmation

      Originally posted by littlepixie View Post
      I was NOT going to get into Vinylmation..........BUT they are now selling them at my local Disney Store. OMG! I am now so addicted.

      Does anyone know what other type (s) of merchandise they will be having at the stores?
      they have Nightmare before Christmas Vinyls, Toy Story, Animation, and Villains series. as for park series they will stay within the parks. And the newly release star wars series will stay in the park because of an agreement with George Lucas.

      (ive been collecting since Park Series 1)

      i hope this information helps.


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        Re: Vinylmation

        Parks series are only sold in the parks. Used to be sold in the NYC WOD but since it's not owned by the parks anymore they aren't selling ANY park merch
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          Re: Vinylmation

          Hi Pixie, do you have any that you'd like to trade away?

          I have quite a few TS extras but need a Wheezy


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            Re: Vinylmation

            Hello folks. I'm new to micechat as well as being new to vinylmation collecting. You're correct, littlepixie, it's hard to resist. I'm really enjoying this though. I love the blind box concept. I just wish the prices were a little lower. Just a little.


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              Re: Vinylmation

              I have the following for trade/sell:

              Conductor Pete - Have a Laugh Chaser
              Winter Sorage
              Green Bear- Urban 2
              Cuppa Tea- Urban 5

              I would like:

              3D Mickey Chaser
              Mickey's Garden
              Snow White Adventure- Park 2
              Little Green Men-Park 2

              Email me with other potential offers,

              I am in Bay Area, CA, willing to send vinyls.


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                Re: Vinylmation

                You might want to look at, as they are currently seeling full boxes (24 figures) of the most recent Park series.

       has also been selling a few items that used to only be available in the parks.
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                  Re: Vinylmation

                  I could have sworn my store had a park series, but it was urban. I think Urban 5 is currently in stores; I didn't start collecting because i only like the popcorn one. LOL!

                  I just got an almost full box of animation series 1 but still missing 2 - hopefully, I can get the rest in my trade meet next Saturday.

                  I'm waiting until I get down to WDW to start collecting the 40th Anniversary; I like collecting there versus just ordering it on Silly, I know...but i want to say "I got this at WDW!". LOL!

                  I can't wait for the Haunted Mansion series!!


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