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Oswald Help


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  • Oswald Help

    Hi Vinyl-experts,

    I'm hoping you can help me. My daughter absolutely LOVES Oswald. She is very excited about the new Oswald vinylmation, however, as we all know, this is the chaser and very hard to find. Last night we went over to the store in Downtown Disney because she wanted to buy one and try to find Oswald. I discouraged her, explaining that the odds of getting an Oswald was 1 in 24 in a new unopened case, and since this case was opened her chances were less.

    None-the-less, she bought one, opened it, got Donald Duck and started crying. Ugh. I know it's completely unreasonable for her not to realize that this is the way vinylmations are. She has about 4 others that she trades and has fun with, so she knows how vinylmations work. She's just obsessed with Oswald.

    Well, here is my big problem, she got the great idea after getting Donald, that all she has to do is ask Santa for Oswald. What? How am I supposed to find him? I am at a loss for what to do, so I thought I would give my friends at this board a try.

    I could buy him on ebay, but I really don't want to spend $75 for an Oswald. I know the cases are packed the same, and that the Oswald is in the same place. If anyone could give me a little info to help me find him, I would greatly appreciate it. You could even just say what row he is in or which column he's in, and I could buy far less than an entire case. I in no way can I afford to buy an entire case (what the sales lady said I should do). Or if you know any other tricks to help me, I would be so happy.

    I really hate asking this, because I know most collectors are very serious about vinylmations and don't easily give info away. But I thought I would ask anyway.

    Again, if you could help with any tips or hints, I would be forever thankful.

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    Re: Oswald Help

    If i knew I would tell u.....but i dont. Sorry

    Good luck in your quest!!
    Props to Poisonedapples for the cool sig!


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      Re: Oswald Help


      Yes, posting on here was my last ditch effort. I think I am going to have to work hard to steer her away from this idea and on to something else. LOL.


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        Re: Oswald Help

        3" figures can be purchased by the case. Each case comes with 24 vinyls: 2 of each known design, and 1 mystery chaser. To accommodate the chaser, one of the 11 known designs appears 3 times in each case. The extra one is called a filler to make an entire set.


        Always read the fine print.


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          Re: Oswald Help

          I "sort of" have a solution. A friend of mine collects these things and they go to different conventions looking for that one in a dozen, just like you.

          The shape of the Oswald is ( fortunately ) a unique one. It's not another Mickey shape with someone else's features painted on, it's a completely unique shape. This means it's a completely unique weight.

          My friends who do this bring a small postal scale with them and measure each and every box right down to the gram. If you can find someone with an Oswald willing to weight it ( and the box ) and tell you what it is right down to the decimal point, then you can sneak a scale into the gift shop and measure them yourself.

          Cheating? I've heard some say that this is but since you're not opening the box, ( and since there's still a gamble involved ) I'd say not. Some people are okay reaching into a grab bag and getting whatever life gives them, others have something very specific in mind. To those people go the tools and innovation to accomplish their goals. I don't see this method as cheating, but Disney gift stand employees might so the operative word is still "sneak."


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            Re: Oswald Help

            I to REALLY want Oswald but I myself cant bring myself up to pay ebay prices! :thumbdown

            I <3!!