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Looking For: Shock Big Fig Statue

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  • Looking For: Shock Big Fig Statue

    Hello. I am new to this page & am happy i found it! Such a wealth of information from so many people, my head is spinning.
    Anyways, onto what im in search of...

    -Shock Big Figure (witch)
    -Good to Mint Condition
    -If the price can be settled around $100 (give or take) + shipping, i
    believe a deal could be completed.

    Thanks you all for your time if you are reading this!
    Please forgive me if I am doing something incorrectly, I tried my best to
    go through all rules & such

    Email is the best response time for me, but i will check in to see if anyone actually has this up for grabs!


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    Re: Looking For: Shock Big Fig Statue

    I looked on ebay but didn't see any.

    I wish you luck and welcome to MiceChat!
    It's a Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah...Tip for Today!


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      Re: Looking For: Shock Big Fig Statue

      Thank you very much

      I wish there were more places like ebay... such as craigslist but that would allow worldwide searches on sales.