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Extinct Attractions - Potential Problem

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  • Extinct Attractions - Potential Problem

    Hello, MiceChat community!

    I recently discovered and was amazed. They have so much audio! So, I decided to buy the Space Mountain Ultimate Audio Collection download.

    When I finished placing the order through a regular credit card (not PayPal), I was taken back to my Shopping Cart, with the one item still in it. I didn't get a confirmation email about the order. No error messages were shown saying something like "Order Failed to Send".

    I am now concerned that my Credit Card info was stolen by Extinct Attractions. Is it normal for the site to do stuff like that? Has anyone else had problems with their downloads?

    Thank you in advance for any help!

    Ghost Galaxy

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    Re: Extinct Attractions - Potential Problem

    I don't think they'll steal your credit card info, but I saw this link on MouseInfo earlier today: EAC Starts Theme Park Audio Downloading Service - Magic Music Forums - Page 8

    Extinct Attractions Club is being sued by Disney for copyright infringement, no doubt thanks to the fact that they are selling Disney-produced audio and video and profiting off of it. Being that the lawsuit was filed in February, I'm surprised the site is even still up, let alone selling audio still. Clearly Extinct Attractions isn't going to give up until they inevitably lose their court case. Their earlier self-produced documentaries were cool, but ever since they started selling copies of Disney-produced video and audio, it became obvious that what they were doing was illegal. I'm not surprised Disney is finally taking action, but I am surprised it took them this long to do so.


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      Re: Extinct Attractions - Potential Problem

      Ouch. In the court papers, Disney is demanding all his servers, papers and computers related to the websites. And Disney wants treble damages, and a jury trial. I wonder if this guy really understands how deep he is in trouble. I bet he will settle with Disney for damages, but that total will go into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.


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        Re: Extinct Attractions - Potential Problem

        Thanks for the link, that helps my decision.

        I have decided to not place the order, and I will not deal with Extinct Attractions... ever.


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          Re: Extinct Attractions - Potential Problem

          David Oneal and extinct attractions had just stolen $194 from me. I ordered from him about three months ago, and then three days ago out of the blue I get this huge charge on my debit. My account goes into overdraft which costs me another $70 in fees. I had tried e-mailing him at and from his website, and he doesn't answer. I had to file a dispute with my bank.

          Please do not order from extinct attractions, this website has just ventured into the dark side.


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            Re: Extinct Attractions - Potential Problem

            Here you can find a copy of the actual lawsuit:

            The Wonderful World of David Oneal - Magic Music Forums - Page 15

            EAC stole all of my HM files, (as well as other attraction audio I've worked on) and started selling them and I never got one ounce of credit for all the years of collecting, restoring and remixing work I did on them.

            Everything he has that was HM related came right from my 4-CD fan tribute collection from 2005:

            Two of the CDs feature cover art created just for this collection by Ray Keim of Haunted Dimensions. My collection was a fan tribute, for other fans, and never offered for sale. I also gave credit to all those who contributed to this project, unlike EAC.
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              Re: Extinct Attractions - Potential Problem

              I had posted this thread
              asking for information about these creeps. I had been treated very poorly on the phone by them.

              Last week I met a guy who used to work for this David person and he said that Disney is really cracking down on him for copyright infringement. Funny thing is, just tonight, I get an email from them saying they are up and running. And, that the guy's dog died, so, he couldn't conduct business for a short time. Sounds very fishy to me.

              I would never order from them. They seem very defensive when speaking to them and when reading this, I am horrified they've stolen from people. I am SO happy I never ordered from them.


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                Re: Extinct Attractions - Potential Problem

                I just wanted to say that David had contacted me and rectified the situation. He hadn't known why those charges to my account were there in the first place. Once I got in touch with him, he fixed it pretty swiftly.
                Thanks David.