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50th Anniversary Magical Milestone Pressed Pennies


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  • 50th Anniversary Magical Milestone Pressed Pennies

    Hey guys, does anyone know the worth of all this, I am a huge Disney and Disneyland fan and tried to collect all the pennies a few years back and got this booklet too. It has been sitting on my shelf since than and I have no use for it. I was thinking possibly someone on this site might possibly be looking for this. Im not sure though if it's rare, worthless, or whatever.

    Also, Appology in advance for the out of focus pictures my camera takes

    Coins from left to right are:
    1976 Donald With Flute
    1966 New Orleans Square
    Mickey With Fishingpole? No Milestone Logo on Back
    2003 POTC
    1987 Star Tours
    1977 Space Mountain
    1957 Monsanto House of the Future
    1998 Tommorowland (who picks these years?)
    1989 Splash Mountain
    1961 Flying Saucers (the ones that would always breakdown)
    1992 Fantasmic
    1985 Videopolis (Was this a show or something?)
    1990 Mickey and Minnie With Party Hat/Baloons
    Matterhorn (no year or Magical Milestones Logo
    1968 Winnie the Pooh for President
    2005 50th Anniversary Castle

    1995 Indiana Jones TOFE
    1963 Tiki Room
    Unrelated Six Flags Coin

    I also Have a giant elongated silver coin of stitch holding out a gun (maybe from a quarter) The back says Disney's Lilo and Stitch inside a surfboard. So I mean even if its worthless there might be someone here who needs it for their collection for like a dollar plus shipping, let me know what you think guys. Also long live EO!

    PS why are people so obsessed with Hatbox Ghost? They removed it a while back, its not coming back hahahha

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