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Snow White 17" Macbook Decal For SALE!

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  • Snow White 17" Macbook Decal For SALE!

    I recently bought a Snow White Decal for my Macbook Pro, but unfortunately I bought the wrong size because I have a 13" Macbook.

    It is a Snow White Decal sticker for a 17" Macbook and the decal is for the right side of your computer.

    It has not been opened and is in absolute mint condition. I will be willing to sell it for $15 but I am willing to haggle over price. PM-ing me is preferable so please do so if you are at all interested!

    You can also email me:

    Have a magical day!
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    Re: Snow White 17" Macbook Decal For SALE!

    OMG that is awesome. This is the first time I wished I had a mac lol
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