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WTB (Or help buying) WOC Annual Passholder Hoodie

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  • WTB (Or help buying) WOC Annual Passholder Hoodie

    Hi Guys,

    I had asked about this in another thread a few months back and unfortunately no one was able to help me.

    I'm looking to purchase a World of Color annual passholder hoodie. These can be had on the Disney Parks website, or purchased at the parks.

    I'm willing to either pay someone cost+shipping+some extra for their time to pick one up and ship it to me, or I'm willing to just pay you the same to purchase it from the website and have it delivered to me.

    I do visit Disneyland as much as I can, but being in Canada, buying an AP is not economical for me unfortunately. (At least on my salary and budget, lol)

    I've tried to find one on ebay, but no luck, so I'm turning to MC'ers and hoping that someone will help me out =)


    edit: Here's a link to the item.

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    Re: WTB (Or help buying) WOC Annual Passholder Hoodie

    Just going to bump this, as I'd love to have this before my trip back to Disneyland next month.

    Again, if you have an AP, all it would take would be five minutes of your time to order it online and use my address as the ship to address. I'll cover the entire cost plus shipping plus as much extra as I can for your time.

    Thanks again =)


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      Re: WTB (Or help buying) WOC Annual Passholder Hoodie

      Just another quick bump.

      Again, I'd be ecstatic if I would be able to have this for my trip to DL next month =)

      Anyone who has an extra five minutes and an AP to any Disney park should be able to help me out. There will be no cost involved to you, and you'll know that you helped a fellow MC'er out! (And made a few bucks for doing it!)

      Thanks again for taking the time to read my post =D


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        Re: WTB (Or help buying) WOC Annual Passholder Hoodie

        You weren't kidding about no one going to these threads!!

        I've read trip reports on here where people have admitted being able to buy Annual Passholder merchandise without actually having an annual pass (they just say they forgot it). Granted I'm sure some of them actually are AP holders, but that isn't 100% for sure, since the store CMs have no way to verify this. Maybe you can try this angle on your upcoming trip? It's been a few months already since WOC premiered, so maybe the "AP exclusive" rules are more relaxed now. LOL.

        Personally, I like the other/darker WOC hoodie option the disneystore is selling. I'm surprised the regular Mickey design is an "AP exclusive" but the more elaborate design is available to anyone. Anyhow, best of luck with buying this! I know what it feels like to need that Disney fix!
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          Re: WTB (Or help buying) WOC Annual Passholder Hoodie

          And it just occurred to me that you could easily order the sweatshirt directly through Disneyland merchandise guest services. They may not have to abide by the "AP only" rule. The standard charge for US shipping via UPS is $7.95, but I would imagine shipping to Canada (or anywhere internationally) would be perhaps double that amount. Just have the item#400000475325MS handy when you call.

          The direct phone number is: 714-781-4053 (or 800-362-4533). Their email is:
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            Re: WTB (Or help buying) WOC Annual Passholder Hoodie

            Thanks again for everyone's help. Once I mentioned this outside of this part of the forum, I managed to get many replies by PM, and ended up having someone help me pick one up.

            Thanks to all who PM'ed me, sorry if I couldn't reply to you all. (There were a lot of you! Thanks so much everyone <3)