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DREAM: The Music of Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea Box Set


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  • DREAM: The Music of Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea Box Set

    For the Disney Theme Park music collector.

    Tokyo Disneyland & Walt Disney Records/Avex Japan released a 12-CD Box Set of 25 Years of wonderful music from Tokyo Disneyland Park & Tokyo DisneySea. The set cost $300 U.S. dollars and was available to order for Japanese addresses only. It's in perfect condition. Each CD was opened and played once. The set includes a song book with lyrics in English, a music guide in Japanese, and a Art Behind the Magic booklet.

    $140.00 Cash only. Local only. I'm located 1.5 miles from Disneyland.

    Disc 1:
    1. Tokyo Disneyland Parade
    2. Tokyo Disneyland Is Your Land
    3. Parade: Disney Classics on Parade
    4. Parade: Fantasy on Parade
    5. Castle Show: It's magical! Full version
    6. Parade: Disney Carnival

    Disc 2:
    1. Castle Show: Viva Magic! Full version
    2. Parade: Disney Dreams On Parade
    3. Castle Show: Full versions of Mickey's Gift of Dreams
    4. Parade: Jubillation!

    Disc 3:
    1. Tokyo Disneyland Band
    2. Pirates of the Caribbean (new version) "ride-through MIX"
    3. Jungle Cruise (atmosphere) First time on CD
    4. Western River Railway (Atmosphere)
    5. Enchanted Tiki Room: Stitch Presents
    "Aloha E Komo Mai!" First time on CD
    6. Enchanted Tiki Room
    7. Adventureland BGM (talking drum)
    8. Adventureland revue
    9. Aloha! Mickey
    10. Sebastian's Caribbean Carnival
    11. Fiesta Tropical
    12. Mickey's Adventureland Mardi Gras First time on CD
    13. Minnie Oh! Minnie
    14. Westernland BGM (All aboard The Mine Train)
    15. Country Bear Theater
    16. Country Bear Jamboree Theater ~ Vacation Hoedown
    17. Country Bear Jamboree Theater ~ jingle bell Jamboree

    Disc 4:
    1. Big Thunder Mountain (Atmosphere)
    2. Tom Sawyer Island (Atmosphere)
    3. Lucky Nugget Stampede
    4. Kickin’ Country
    5. Funderful Wonderful Friends Full Version
    6. Super Duper Jumping Time First time on CD
    7. Splash Mountain "ride-through MIX"
    8. It's A Small World "ride-through MIX" First time on CD
    9. Pooh's Hunny Hunt (atmosphere) First time on CD
    10. Pooh’s Hunny Hunt “ride-through MIX”
    11. Alice's Tea Party First time on CD
    12. Castle Carousel
    13. Pinocchio’s Daring Journey
    14. Mickey Mouse Revue

    Disc 5:
    1. Haunted Mansion "ride-through MIX" first time on CD
    2. Haunted Mansion “Holiday Nightmare”
    3. Snow White’s Wishing Well
    4. Peter Pan’s Flight
    5. Mickey Mouse Club Full Version
    6. Toontown BGM (Minnie’s Yoo-Hoo)
    7. Mickey's answering machine
    8. Radio show, "WACKY Station"
    9. Minnie's answering machine
    10. Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin "ride-through MIX"
    11. Tomorrowland BGM (Circle Vision) First time on CD
    12. Micro Adventure! First time on CD
    13. Star Tours
    The Droid Rooms / Star Tours First time on CD
    14. Space Mountain (atmosphere) First time on CD
    15. Meet the World

    Disc 6:
    1. One Man’s Dream full version
    2. Feel the Magic
    3. Once upon a mouse
    4. Disney Party Gras parade
    5. Disney On Parade / 100 Years of Magic
    6. Disney Dreams On Parade "Moving On"
    7. Rainy Day Fun Parade
    8. Fantasy in the Sky

    Disc 7:
    1. Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights (new version) full version First time on CD
    2. Disney’s Fantillusion! Full version
    3. Minnie's Spring Parade
    4. Disney Musical Fantasy
    5. Mickey's space fantasy
    6. Hot! Hot! Hot!

    Disc 8:
    1. Disney's Around the World
    2. Alice's Wonderland Tales
    3. Mickey Mania parade Full Version
    4. Pecos Goofy’s Wild Wild West
    5. Hercules the Hero
    6. Disco Try-Out
    7. Donald's Super Duck parade
    8. Club Disney Super Dancin Mania
    9. Disney's Party Express!
    10. D-Pop Magic!
    11. Cinderella's coronation Cinderellabration: Lights of Romance> full version

    Disc 9:
    1. Blazing Rhythms
    2. Disney's Rock Around the Mouse
    3. Disney Princess Procession "Bouquet of Love"
    5. Cool the Heat
    6. Disney's Halloween Parade "Scream & Shout" <Disney Halloween>
    7. Mickey's Christmas gift <Christmas Fantasy・more>
    8. Jumbo Disney Christmas Parade
    9. Countdown to the Millennium Parade
    10. The full version of Happy New Year Parade

    Disc 10:
    1. Porto Paradiso Water Carnival
    2. The Legend of Mythica
    3. Full versions of DisneySea Symphony
    4. BraviSEAmo!
    5. Meet & Smile
    6. Big Band Beat
    7. Over the Waves
    8. Donald’s Boat Builders
    9. Journey to the Center Of The Earth
    10. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

    Disc 11:
    1. Storm Rider
    2. Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull
    3. Mystic Rhythms
    4. Sinbad’s Storybook Voyage "ride-through MIX"
    5. Magic Lamp Theater
    6. Triton’s Kingdom Entrance Fanfare
    7. Mermaid Lagoon Theater
    8. 2nd Anniversary: Mickey's Fantastic Caravan First time on CD
    9. Style! <Dramatic DisneySea 2004 at Tokyo DisneySea more>
    10. Rhythms of the World
    11. Primavera
    12. Bon fire Dance
    13. Christmas Holiday in New York
    14. Candlelight Reflections

    Disc 12: Special CD Songs From the Parks
    1. This Is The Place Tokyo Disney Resort theme song> First time on CD
    2. Tokyo Disneyland Is Your Land Tokyo Disneyland theme song>
    3. Disney Carnival Tokyo Disneyland 15th Anniversary theme song>
    4. Thank you all from Tokyo Disneyland first time CD
    5. Magical Moments
    6. Remember the magic
    7. Hey Ra Ra Ra (Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse)
    8. Happy Anniversary Mickey Mouse
    9. Together With Mickey Mouse
    10. Cheering Mickey Mouse (Mickey Mouse March)
    11. Welcome to Toontown
    12. Tokyo DisneySea theme song
    13. Come With Me
    14. Sea of Dreams / MISIA
    15. Dream Goes On
    16. The key to the magic ~ The Dream Goes On
    17. Just Like We Dreamed It -
    18. He Wants to Take Me To Disneyland UONTSU
    19. Share a Dream Come True

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    Re: DREAM: The Music of Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea Box Set

    Sold. Thanks everybody for the interest. George, it's yours!


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