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Trade - Mini Figure Collector Packs (Park Series)


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  • Trade - Mini Figure Collector Packs (Park Series)

    Looking to trade, on a 1-for-1 basis, individual miniature figures from the Collector Packs - Park Series. Traded figures do not have to be from the same series pack.

    If interested in trading, PM me. I will be at Disneyland from 10/31/11 - 11/05/11, and can trade in person. Otherwise, different arrangements can be made.

    The following figures are what I have to trade:

    Series 1 (Blue Pack)
    Goofy (x1)
    Donald (x1)
    Belle (x3)
    Peter Pan Ride (x1)
    Test Track Car (x1)
    Kali River Rapids (x1)
    Spaceship Earth (x1)

    Series 4 (Star Wars - Black Pack)
    Boba Fett (x1)
    Darth Maul (x1)
    Yoda (x1)

    Series 5 (Purple Pack)
    Woody (x2)
    Buzz (x1)
    Disney Bus (x1)
    Jessica Rabbit (x1)
    Disney Animal Kingdom Tree of Life (x2)
    Disneyland Small World Attraction (x1)

    Series 6 (Reddish Pack)
    Dash (x1)
    Dory (x1)
    Little Green Men (x2)
    Lightning McQueen (x1)
    Marlin (x1)
    Mater (x2)
    Mr. Incredible (x1)
    Sally Carrera (x1)
    Zurg (x1)

    Series 7 (Holiday - Red/Green Pack)
    Holiday Aurora (x1)
    Holiday Cinderella (x1)
    Valentine's Figment (x1)
    Santa Tinker Bell (x1)
    Santa Mickey (x3)
    Halloween Stitch (2)
    Thanksgiving Eeyore (x1)
    Halloween Donald (x1)

    Series 8 (Pirates)
    Bootstrap Bill (x1)
    Pintel (x1)

    Series 9 (Star Wars - White Pack)
    Darth Vader (x1)
    Death Star (x1)
    Donald as Darth Maul (x1)
    Jango Fett (x1)

    Series 10 (Orange Pack)
    Steamboat Willie (x1)
    Sorcerer Mickey (x1)
    Rescuer Bianca (x1)
    Kermit (x1)
    Miss Piggy (x2)
    Bean (x1)
    Jack Skellington (x2)
    Elliot (x1)
    Nemo Sub (x2)
    Rock 'n Roller Coaster Limo (x1)

    The following lists are the figures I am looking for:

    Series 2 or 3
    Any figures from these packs

    Series 4 (Star Wars - Black Pack)
    Jar Jar Binks
    Mickey Mouse as Luke Skywalker
    X-Wing Fighter

    Series 5 (Purple Pack)
    Bellhop Goofy

    Series 6 (Reddish Pack)

    Series 7 (Holiday - Re/Green Pack)
    Holiday Alice in Wonderland
    St. Patrick's Day Goofy
    Easter Bunny Minnie

    Series 8 (Pirates)
    Elizabeth Swann
    Jack Sparrow #2 (two swords)
    Tia Dalma

    Series 9 (Star Wars - White Pack)
    Admiral Ackbar
    DL-X2 Attraction Droid
    Goofy as Darth Vader
    Star Tours Cast Member
    Tusken Raider
    Vader's TIE Fighter

    Series 10 (Orange Pack)
    Expedition Everest Vehicle
    Feel free to add me as a friend on Facebook (Just mention MiceChat)

    "The thing that makes us different is our way of thinking, our judgement and experience acquired over the years. Giving it 'heart.' Others haven't understood the public. We developed a psychological approach to everything we do here. We seem to know when to 'tap the heart.' Others have hit the intellect. We can hit them in an emotional way. Those that appeal to the intellect only appeal to a very limited group. Let's not let the mechanics get in here and foul the whole thing." -Walt Disney

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    Re: Trade - Mini Figure Collector Packs (Park Series)

    Did you know they have series 11 now. I almost got all 18 of them. Here is a list of the 18 they have.

    SERIES 11
    1. GOOFY 2
    2. PETER PAN
    4. ALICE
    5. PLUTO 2
    7. BOLT
    9. DONALD DUCK 2
    10. DISNEY BUS
    11. SPLASH MT.
    13. BALOO
    14. TINERBELL 2
    15. TIANA
    16. WALL-E
    17. MICKEY MOUSE 2
    18. ROBIN HOOD

    I will post pictures of the ones that I have in a few minutes.

    ---------- Post added 09-25-2011 at 06:05 PM ----------

    Here is what I have.

    Series 11

    Here is all the ones I have (sorry that some of the photos are blurry.)

    And here is what I got them all on.


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      Re: Trade - Mini Figure Collector Packs (Park Series)

      hi, I see you don't have tinker bell 2. I have an extra and would be willing to trade? Can I have Piglet, Mickey's toontown house, or HH ghost 2? (just 1 of them) thanks


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        Re: Trade - Mini Figure Collector Packs (Park Series)

        Here is a update of what I have now. I just got Wall-E,Tiana,Mickey & Tinkerbell.

        update photos.


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