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Can you help me find this Disneyland mug?


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  • Can you help me find this Disneyland mug?

    Hi, everyone! Constant lurker / infrequent poster here.

    I am looking for this specific mug -- thie light blue one:
    Mrs. Loves Life: Ohhh... I Like!

    I bought the brown version years ago in Disneyland -- I think at the Market House? -- but they also had a light blue version, as pictured in the link above. (If the link doesn't work -- it's got the Disneyland logo in large raised letters and "Est. 1955" on the outside, and "to all that come to this happy place: welcome" on the inside.) My wife has expressed regret that we didn't pick up the light blue one as well, so I'd like to track one down for her birthday. Problem: I'm 1200 miles away from Anaheim.

    I can't find the mug at the Disneystore site, so I don't know if it's still available in the parks (Is there 100% overlap between the two? I'm not sure). I've also been monitoring eBay, but no luck yet.

    I guess my questions are:

    1) Can anyone tell me if it's still available in the park? If it is (and since it isn't on, is there any way to get it from Disney or a third party?

    2) If it's "out of print" and no longer for sale in Disneyland, are there any reputable mail-order places that may be able to help me out? Dealing in used collectables, overstocks, or anything like that?

    Thank you so much for any help you can offer. I hope this is the right forum for this; I thought maybe it should go into the Disneyland forum since it's about availability in the actual park, so feel free to move it as may be.

    I adore this forum and site for helping me feel closer to the park while so far away. Thanks again for everything!


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    Re: Can you help me find this Disneyland mug?

    i beleave i have one. i will look tonight. i bought it about 3 yrs ago. if i do have it i will let you know. i colect coffee cups.


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