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Disneyland LP's value??

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  • Disneyland LP's value??

    Hello Disney fans! I've recently come upon a few disney LP recordings from the DISNEYLAND RECORDS label dating from 1956 to 1960 please help me establish a value for them. These records are in excellent condition the titles include PETER PAN with storybook, Marry Poppins with storybook, Cinderella with story book, Snow White with story book, Stories of Uncle Remus with story book, Robin Hood with story book, Winnie the Pooh with story book, It's a Small World, Songs from Cinderella And " Meet me down on Main st" by the Mellowmen barbershop quartet.

    If you have any knowledge of the worth of these Viynl records please share, I may be posting them on EBay and want to set a realistic List price. Also if you could tell me any other place where I could sell them to Disney collectors I'd appreciate it, thanks. Alex
    ^^^^^^^^^ link to the photos is up ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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    Re: Disneyland LP's value??

    The Mellomen might bring 10 or 20 bucks to a Disneyland collector. The rest of the albums really have no value as Disney pressed millions of copies, and many are still easily available.