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Read Before Posting Or Trading - Trading FAQ

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  • Read Before Posting Or Trading - Trading FAQ

    These are the rules and agreement for the Buy/Sell/Trade forum - By using this forum, you agree to follow these rules:
    • Your participation in this forum is at your own risk. MiceChat makes no claim nor offers any protection on your behalf. Members are left to their own best judgement on whom to trade with and whether or not a trade is legitimate and fair.
    • To initiate a new trade:
      • Start a new thread (please use a descriptive title that lets people know what the item being traded is)
      • If possible post a picture and full and complete description of the item, including condition and any identifiable features, flaws, or defects.
      • List what you want for the item (An item you are looking for in trade, a suggested dollar amount, giving away for free, etc) - Including shipping, if any.
      • Decide if you want to run the trade as an auction or simply have people PM their offers to you. You get to decide how to run your trade.
      • If you do choose to auction your item off - You do NOT need to set a end date to the auction.
      • People will place their bids (at, below, or above your requested amount).
      • When you find an offer that you wish to accept, simply post in the thread that the Trade is now closed. We would also suggest that you edit your first post to mention that the trade is now closed as well.
    • Settling a trade:
      • Once a trade has been completed, it is between the two parties to figure out how to settle the trade and shipping. We would suggest the use of Pay Pal for the exchange of any funds due to their well established history in the trading of goods. However, members may use any method that they mutually agree upon.
      • Once an item has been settled, the trade complete, and the item received, we ask both sides to make a final post in the thread letting the other members know how everything turned out. This makes it possible for other members to know what to expect in future trades with these individuals. (this process will be automated in the future with trading software)
      • Should the members not be able to come to agreement on how to complete the exchange, the item may be re-listed. Please do not reopen an old trade, as they serve as history on the item.
    We ask everyone to please do your best to keep these trades fair, informative, and legal. Since MiceChat does not participate in the trades in any way, nor do we collect any fees, we can offer you no help, advice, assurance, or in any other way guarantee your Buy/Sell/Trade. In short, all members are on their own and MiceChat will not be held liable in any exchange between members.
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