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Disneyland Railroad Builder's Plate


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  • Disneyland Railroad Builder's Plate

    Hi everyone,

    As some of you know, three of Disneyland's five steam locomotives were built by an American company known as the Baldwin Locomotive Works. Baldwin attached brass plates called "builder's plates" to the sides of the engines, to show when and where the engines were built, and a serial number.

    DRR Engine No. 3, the Fred Gurley, is the oldest operating engine in the entire Disney fleet, and her builder's plate, cast in 1894, is especially attractive. Here's what it looks like:

    I've always liked the plate, and got around to thinking that owning a full-size reproduction of the plate might be a nice piece to hang on my wall. So, I've gone ahead and commissioned one.

    The pattern maker is in the process now of laying out the letters. Here's the plate so far, with each letter representing the beginning and ending of the line of text:

    The letters are a standard font used by Baldwin, but the fancier numbers will be hand-cut to assure accuracy.

    Once the pattern is made, the replica plates will be sold directly by the pattern maker--I have no stake in this venture other than to have gotten the ball rolling. The plates will cost $190 in brass, with a black-painted background and polished letters.. For an additional fee, you can have the plate bent like it was affixed to the boiler. If that's too rich for your blood, you can have one cast in aluminum and painted brass color with a black background for $45. I have no doubt the aluminum plate will look wonderful as well.

    Here's what a finished plate will look like (slightly different style, but you get the idea):

    So if you're interested, watch this spot. I'll post pictures of the progress, and when they're ready, I'll post the pattern maker's order form so you can order direct.

    I'd be interested to hear your comments as well.

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    Re: Disneyland Railroad Builder's Plate

    Here's the progress. We should see a sample casting in a week or two:


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      Re: Disneyland Railroad Builder's Plate

      Here is the first plate, in aluminum, made from the just-completed pattern:

      Obviously, this is just a test. The brass versions will be hand-polished, with painted backgrounds, or hand-tarnished to look like the real thing. The aluminum plates will have their letters/numbers painted gold to look like brass, with a black bckground.

      Wayne will be taking orders shortly. When I get the order forms, I'll post them here.


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