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North America: The West, Canada and Alaska


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  • North America: The West, Canada and Alaska

    Quest for the West (Wyoming)

    Grab the reins and see the world from a saddle as you get to know the true American West. Find your frontier spirit with horseback riding, roping and fly-fishing beneath wide-open skies at an authentic dude ranch. Raft the writhing Snake River, and explore the whimsical sights and Western charm of Jackson Hole. Then discover the soul of Yellowstone as you hike among its cascading rivers and iron-streaked canyons to watch Old Faithful burst from the earth. Come explore Wyoming – and realize that home on the range is just where your family belongs.

    Southwest Splendors (Arizona and Utah)

    The Southwestern stage is set for your family adventure. Get ready to raft the majestic Colorado River. Tear through Red Rocks in an off-roading 4x4. And discover parts of the Grand Canyon most will never see. The desert will speak to you through naturalists, Navajos, cowboys, even native creatures. And as day becomes star-dusted night, you’ll gather ‘round the campfire to share memories from your very own tall tale.

    Backstage Magic (Hollywood and Disneyland)

    Go where the magic happens – to places few will ever see, places your family will never forget. The El Capitan Theatre, The Jim Henson Company Studios, Walt Disney Imagineering – places where sketched-out dreams become vivid reality for your family to experience firsthand. Then live the magic as you explore every whimsical corner of the Happiest Place on Earth – transforming a trip to the park into a VIP experience far beyond imagination.

    Golden Path to Yosemite (Yosemite National Park and San Francisco)

    Blaze an adventurous trail through the land of legendary gold and natural glory. Soar to the top of Squaw Peak and behold Tahoe’s aquamarine jewel among the mountains. Float along the idyllic Truckee River and swim in a setting more beautiful than any painting. And make the Yosemite Valley your family’s incredible backyard as you hike and ride through its unspoiled majesty. Then spring from the wilderness to explore San Francisco’s hilly charm by bike and private trolley – on your unbelievable expedition from the gold-streaked Sierras to the famed Golden Gate.

    Taming the Last Frontier (Alaska)

    Get ready for untamed, unspoiled, unbelievable family adventures in the foothills of our country’s highest peak: mighty Mt. McKinley. Come frolic with the sled dogs of the legendary Iditarod. Explore deep icy fjords and jet boat along a pristine river in search of wildlife that’s still completely wild. Learn how to track majestic wolves through their forest empires. And float among the iceberg remains of calving glaciers that have existed for centuries. You’ll discover this distant wilderness with its native people, making new friends and memories in the land of the midnight sun.

    Rocky Trails and Mountie Tales (Canada)

    Come raft mighty rivers, hike flower-filled meadows, and ride horses on trails through the clouds in the unspoiled Canadian Rockies. Imagine your family surrounded by the snow-capped peaks, towering forests and impossibly blue lakes of two immense national parks in two countries. You’ll sleep high in the sky, between glacial lakes and ancient limestone – with tribal tales of when the world was young still dancing in your mind. And after canoeing, hiking and biking in land roamed by Lewis and Clark and beyond, you’ll never want to come down to earth again.

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