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MiceChat Knott's Scary Farm Event

Tickets for MiceChat's annual Knott's Scary Farm meetup are now on sale. Event info can be found here -
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Tom Chaney Memorial Debate Lounge

The Tom Chaney Memorial Debate Lounge has been opened. You can find it in the Lounges section.

All MiceChat rules still apply.
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Latin America and South America


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  • Latin America and South America

    Path to Pura Vida (Costa Rica)

    Pura Vida. The Pure Life. A life dedicated to nature’s beauty and harmony. Where you’ll fly high over rainforests, soak in secluded thermal springs, and conquer whitewater rapids with your family. It’s a life filled with fiery dances, fresh-picked pineapples, and volcanic light and sound shows. Where butterfly families gather by the thousands and Adventure Guides find the most secluded rainforest trails. And where natural adventures become the colorful family memories you keep for a lifetime.

    Gateway to the Galapagos (Ecuador and Galapagos Islands)

    There are some places in the world that have a story all their own. Standing on the equator in sight of a snow-capped volcano. Living an authentic Andean life on a 300-year-old hacienda. Stargazing from your shipboard home in the middle of the South Pacific. Hiking and snorkeling with wild creatures so rare, they only exist one place in the world. From high Andean fields to the Galapagos Islands clear blue depths, you’ll live the stories of these magical places – collecting vivid family memories with every step.

    Sacred Valleys and Incan Cities (Peru)

    Live the legends of the Inca among the patchwork green, red and gold fields where their descendents still thrive. You’ll dance in the hilltops with colorfully costumed friends. Raft a twisting river in the shadow of surreal peaks. Enjoy a Peruvian feast cooked by mother earth herself. And wind through Andean mountains, discovering impossible stone creations like Machu Picchu – the mysterious city in the clouds. Let weavers, artists, even wooly llamas share Peru’s secrets with your family, on sky-high adventures around the unforgettable Sacred Valley.

    For more information or to book please contact us at Fairy Godmother Travel.
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