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  • Adventures by Disney Hotels idea

    Disney does a pretty good job at their American hotels,
    but (unlike Disney Cruise Lines--which has amazing cruises for families),
    not many argue that Disney is the best at running hotels.

    So if Adventures by Disney does make hotels (see closed thread in this section of Micechat or see the entire thread pasted below), I suggest having the top floors run by
    The Four Seasons (as is done on top of Las Vegas' Mandelay Bay),
    and the bottom floors run by
    Premiere, the budget/moderate hotel chain in England that is known for doing a great job.

    From the first & last post of the closed thread about this:
    Disney and its partner companies should build Disney hotels
    in or near the centers of Paris, L.A., Tokyo, Hong Kong, London, NYC, & Washington, D.C.

    The first four could be combined with stays at (or visits to) the nearby Disney theme parks for great week-long, family vacations that would take advantage of being close to these great cities. Family friendly hotels in NYC & London can promote seeing Disney musicals.

    All seven of these hotels can make Disney's timeshare division more appealing, and can be bases for great day trips or 2, 3, or 4 day trips led by Adventures by Disney. Some day trips from London could be to Cambridge, Stratford, etc. & NYC guests could visit Niagara Falls, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.
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    It was over three years since the post above I'm starting to think Disney doesn't read Micechat eager to discover ideas of mine to implement.


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