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2 passengers from Disney Magic killed in car accident


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  • 2 passengers from Disney Magic killed in car accident

    This was posted in I was on board the Carnival Legend last when this happened and the Disney magic was also in port the same day.

    I went on-line and googled a Spanish to Enlgish translation and here is the English text version. Here is what came up. Some of it is still in

    COZUMEL, November 18 .- Two people killed, nine injured and damage close to half a million pesos, was the balance resulting in a brutal clash between two cars Jeep type, cross the road, traveling in foreign and domestic tourists.

    Preliminary data realize that this Wednesday about 14:30 pm, Jose Carlos Perez was driving the Jeep Tracker, red plates, TMC 5188, by the access road to the archaeological site of San Gervasio, and upon reaching the junction with the cross road did not observe a high binding and was brutally struck by another Jeep, yellow plates 6688TMC, speeding led by Lora foreign Mesh.

    The red jeep, was dragged more than 30 meters and was embedded in a tree, while its five occupants were flung out through the air, unfortunately, the national tourist died Adriana Cecilia Lozano Sandoval, 21 years old, who when they drop I hit my head against some rocks.

    Yellow jeep were injured, Laura Mits, Andrea Law, Jannie Alttomar Paul Redeer, Charlie and Anthony Lora conductive mesh, while the red Jeep was Javier Yam Mex, Jose Carlos Perez, Brea Jeane and Laura Cherry, who were channeled to various hospitals and clinics in the city.

    It is noteworthy that some of the wounded were found in a bush in the middle of the road and inside the twisted iron bars, so that some police called it one of the most tragic and nightmarish scenes as they had never seen or heard and cries of pain from several injuries.

    Until press time, we know that the nine wounded, a male tourist who was treated at the clinic Hyperbaric died of injuries, however, generally are unknown, just as was announced that of the eight survivors, three of them are very serious and that their lives are in danger.

    One jeep was carrying pax from Carnival Legend and the other (yellow jeep) was carrying pax from a Disney ship. Two people from the Disney ship died.


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    re: 2 passengers from Disney Magic killed in car accident

    That sucks. Hard to understand though. Need a better translator, syntax, grammer, and the right words for the context don't come thru. Can you clean it up a little?


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      re: 2 passengers from Disney Magic killed in car accident

      The title of the thread is kind of misleading. You should at least capitalize Magic.


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        re: 2 passengers from Disney Magic killed in car accident

        Thanks for doing your best to convey the info. It really is difficult to use those translator websites. But I got the gist of what it was saying. So sad about the deaths.

        It wasn't me, it was Lisa! :angel:


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          re: 2 passengers from Disney Magic killed in car accident

          Originally posted by Goover View Post
          You should at least capitalize Magic.
          Are you serious? People are dead, and your complaining about capitals!

          And to the OP, Did you like the Legend. Im on Cruise Critic too. I have posted a trip report of our Legend cruise on there. I was on the Legend when it hit that Royal Caribbean ship. Man that ship is having some bad luck in Cozumel.
          Not anxious to die Sir, just anxious to matter.


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