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Disney Cruise price question


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  • [Question] Disney Cruise price question

    A friend of the family wanted to know about the pricing for a cruise for 2 adults and a young child (7) for a 4 day cruise / 3 day WDW in at least a window room. said over 4 grand, but I didn't know if there were other travel sites offering deals.

    Sorry if it's a stupid question, I just wanted to try and do a favor for them and figure the great community would know the answer

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    Re: Disney Cruise price question

    Disney cruises are rarely discounted. Booking at the last minute may get you a better price simply because they are trying to fill all the cabins. Travel agents will typically have the same prices as the DCL website but may offer an incentive of shipboard credit.

    There can be some price fluctuation depending on the season as well so booking a cruise in the off season may offer some savings as well.

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      Re: Disney Cruise price question

      When I booked our honeymoon at Wilderness Lodge with a travel agent, she said that what you would pay through Disney is what you pay through them. The only incentive to go with a travel agent sometimes is the "extra" offers they may add in: ex: a pin, gift card, onboard ship credit, etc.

      OFF SEASON is definitely the cheapest time for cruises and Disneyworld. Earkid gave some good advice there.

      I also just saw a travel company as the sponsor for this forum: Have your friend check them out.

      One thing a friend of your family may want to look into is the Disney Vacation Club. It is like prepaying for all your vacations for the next 47 years. My wife and I have been members since 2003 and have been on 2 Disney Cruises (3rd one is booked) and Disneyland over 10 times. It has more than paid for itself.!/CaseyCBeard



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