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Disney Cruise!

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  • [Question] Disney Cruise!

    I am going on my first Disney Cruise next spring! Woohoo!
    Sooooo, where is the best place to chat about the cruise line? I noticed there is a Disney Cruise forum, but it is under Disney Business. ????? Is that where I want to go to meet up with other cruise fanatics or is there a better place? I don't get off micechat much so I don't know what else might be out there.

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    Re: Disney Cruise!

    Enjoy your cruise!

    I would say go to the cruise forum to talk with other cruisers.
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      Re: Disney Cruise!

      How exciting! Which ship are you going on, and where are you going? I've been on one Disney Cruise (on the Magic), for a 2 week respositioning cruise and loved it. In October, a big group of MiceChatters is going on a cruise on the Dream....I can't wait!!!!


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        Re: Disney Cruise!

        Hi Hat and Mouse

        You will LOVE the Disney cruise--you will say to yourself "self, I cannot believe we have not done this before!" )

        Which ship are you going on?
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