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Please post packing & other tips 4 Disney Alaska cruise


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  • [Question] Please post packing & other tips 4 Disney Alaska cruise

    Hello! We're going on a Disney Cruise to Alaska and we've never been on a cruise. Please help!

    What should we pack?
    I've read that jeans are not allowed at dinner. Is that correct?
    I was just going to wear a tie to the one formal night with a nice shirt. Is that cool?
    Is there always a pirate-themed night, and if so--any suggestions? A bandanna? Amputate my leg for authenticity?

    I've read mixed reviews about the food and am sure that my daughter and I will be happy,
    but my wife is really into organic veggies, healthy & fresh food, Alaskan (not farm raised) salmon, etc.
    Will this be a week-long culinary nightmare for her?

    Are the comedians and hypnotists really kid friendly?

    Did you take a tour of the ship? How was that?

    Are the spa and gym separate? Do I have to pay extra to use the gym?

    What kind of sea sickness medication should we bring?

    And inexpensive excursion tips for Skagway or Ketchikan?

    One reviewer said she was supposed board the ship at 2:30 the first day, but got there at noon and was let on board early. What are you thoughts on when we should arrive?

    Any restaurant tips/reviews for the Wonder would be greatly appreciated, though we're sticking with the included ($) restaurants.

    My wife loves kayaking. Which (if any) of the three ports offers kayaks to rent within walking distance of where the boat docks?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Re: Please post packing &amp; other tips 4 Disney Alaska cruise

    I am going in July (finally payment was today! Yay), but to the Caribbean. So far everything I've thought of packing can be worn in multiple ways. But I want to wear a formal fancy dress because I figure if I am going to pay this amount for a cruise, dude... I'm going to go all out on formal night.

    I am bringing two sets of sea bands and my dad is bringing meds just in case.


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      Re: Please post packing &amp; other tips 4 Disney Alaska cruise

      I didn't get to post my whole thoughts and various ramblings about this because of school (had precepting at 2245), and I'm kinda' bummed MCers don't get into cruising more, or don't post more. I had to find places to ask questions outside of micechat, major bummer.

      Okay I'm a 31 year old female of bigger size (I'm not fat, I'm fluffy, and I can bench press people bigger than me.) so clothes wise here's what I am packing:
      -2 Susan Graver/ simple liquid knit dresses that aren't sundresses (they're dinner dresses but I can wear them to port if I needed to. Quite frankly they're so comfy if I needed to wear one as a pj I could).
      -gray jersey knit knee length skirt (because I thought I could wear it around and for pirate day)
      -comfy walking jean shorts in dark denim
      -long maxi skirt
      -fancy fancy dress.
      -semi-formal dress (I have one in dark teal that I bought in a sleep deprived state)
      -6 tank tops from Old Navy- the A line. They're easy to pack, colorful, I could wear them with everything, use them as pjs if need be. Bathing suit cover. And hey I wear them under my scrubs.
      -Yoga pants
      -some sort of cardigan (I am going to the Caribbean in July, but just in case)
      -Steampunk belt (because I figure steam punk and pirate are close, right?)
      -these boots I bought that are steam punk meets cowboy boots (again kinda' pirate-y?)
      -striped tights
      -Orthaheel flip flops (they're super comfy. I can walk for days in them).
      -nude heels
      -teal Converse sneakers
      -I am debating if I want to get a pair of cute Toms for the trip and justify the expense.
      -2-3 bathing suits.
      -Sun hat
      -Disney tote bag (I have three. I wonder what to take... Hm)
      -Camera (also getting a couple disposable waterproof ones)
      -my mom's Kindle (I read about a book a day when I am off work and school. Imagine on vacation...)
      -A couple notebooks (I write.)
      -vista print cards with my name and address (in case I meet people that I might want to stay in contact with or can help me find a job)

      *I keep hearing don't book with the cruise line for excursions. They charge too much. My dad and I aren't doing any excursions. We're staying on the boat in Costa Maya (or getting off to look around for a hot second), Cozumel (sp?) we're going to go into town, but I really want to see Grand Cayman. We're taking a taxi to Hell (which is a city there. It's like a $5 taxi ride), and then I'm taking my dad for a beer in Hell. Search the internet, books, everything, you can find some great off the beaten path ideas.

      *You can decorate your door with magnets. And if you, your wife, or kiddo are crafty at all you can make your own.

      *Spa and gym are separate. BUT you can get a $15 day pass to the Rain forest day spa, which I think gets you access to the heated steamy tile loungers. Go to gifts on the website page and it will tell you deets.

      And since you're a man you can help me with this question:
      I am thinking as a pre-trip gift for my dad I want to get him a Mickey tie. Where do guys get ties? I've searched everywhere.


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        Re: Please post packing &amp; other tips 4 Disney Alaska cruise

        My hubby and I are headed to Alaska on the Wonder in just a couple of weeks. We're packing long underwear, gloves, sweatshirts and jackets. Closed toe shoes, and probably a hat. Other than that, normal everyday clothes. We booked the kayak excursion in Juneau, through the cruise line. I had talked to a young man who worked for a kayak guide outfit in Skagway that seemed reputable, so that would be an option for your wife.

        We also booked a rock climbing trip (also through the cruise line). We book through the cruise because I have a reasonable certainty that they are reputable, and if something goes wrong, the ship will wait. Reasons to not book through them include the website being an absolute *beast* to navigate and expense. But once you get to the excursions, you can check them out as far as what they are and the prices.

        I think they try to keep a more upscale atmosphere at dinner, but we're not dressing up all that much and we haven't had any issues on previous Disney cruises. We wear jeans. The only thing I know they don't like is shorts at dinner, but I don't expect that to be much of an issue in Alaska.

        Formal night: they leave it pretty much up to whatever you feel like doing. You'll see not dressing up at all, all the way to full actual formal attire, including ballgowns on some women.

        Don't know how to find out the theme nights or if there's a pirate night.

        The food has been hit or miss. Our first cruise it was *outstanding*. Our second, meh. Always edible, always reasonably well prepared, always a vegetarian option, as well as chicken or steak in addition to whatever is on the menu for that night. If you have a special request, they can probably accommodate you. Fresh fruit is also available next to the kiddie pool, or room service.

        I don't remember any shows being particularly not-kid-friendly. Sometimes they may make references that are over the kids' head, but that's about it.

        Did tour the ship- definitely interesting.

        Gym is in the spa but you don't have to pay for the gym. Good place to start a day.

        My hubby gets seasick but doesn't have any problems on the cruise ship. You should bring whatever you normally use.

        We tend to get to the port pretty early and try to get on board as soon as we can. It's kind of pointless, since the rooms aren't always ready right away, but it's nice to be on.

        You'll visit all three restaurants for dinners, and you can pick from the front two for breakfast and lunch. There's also a buffet. The front one is French themed, can't remember the name. Table service for breakfast and lunch. Middle one is tropical themed, Parrot Cay? might be the name. They have a breakfast buffet, I think, and table service for lunch. Back one is ... Animator's Palate, open only for dinner I believe. There's the buffet at the back. Fresh fruit and ice cream stand next to the kiddie pool. Soda/coffee/tea available constantly at the back of deck 9. There are also snacks available on the upper deck.

        Have a great trip!

        I pledge allegiance to the Earth, one planet, many gods, and to the universe in which she spins.


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          Re: Please post packing &amp; other tips 4 Disney Alaska cruise

          Originally posted by knittingknerd View Post
          . . . And since you're a man you can help me with this question:
          I am thinking as a pre-trip gift for my dad I want to get him a Mickey tie. Where do guys get ties? I've searched everywhere.

          Thank you very much for all the info, knittingnerd! :clap:

          I have three Mickey Mouse ties. I purchased two at Disney stores and the other was given to me by a student whose grandfather created them for Disney. If you want to order one via the internet, you might want to try Amazon, which has a "Disney Mickey Mouse Tie Through the Years" for $39. The same tie is sold at the Laughingplace online store for $46.31 along with about eight either Mickey Mouse ties for the same price, and Disney's online store currently has three Mickey Mouse ties for $34.95. (Since you wrote such a long and excellent post, I felt like I owed you a little research.)

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          Originally posted by alphabassetgrrl View Post
          My hubby and I are headed to Alaska on the Wonder in just a couple of weeks. . . . Have a great trip!
          Thanks sooooooo much for the outstanding tips, alphabassetgrrl! :bow:

          If you gain new insights/opinions on your cruise (and if you have time), please post on this thread again after your cruise!
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            Re: Please post packing &amp; other tips 4 Disney Alaska cruise

            <---- Was mildly drunk on beer and Nyquil when writing that. It was my rambly free write thing. I figure if someone saw what I am packing it maybe of little help.


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              Re: Please post packing &amp; other tips 4 Disney Alaska cruise

              You should purchase"PassPorter's Disney Cruise Line" by Dave and Jennifer Marx. Ive only been on one Disney Cruise so far but this book was a big help. There are chapters on packing and excursions and everything else.It is fun to read and it gets you ready for an enjoyable cruise.


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                Re: Please post packing &amp; other tips 4 Disney Alaska cruise

                My biggest tip and this is from someone doing their 5th disney cruise in October. Whatever you have packed take only half.

                "To All Who Come To This Happy Place Your Welcome!"


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                  Please post tips for a Disney Alaska cruise.

                  Thank you Railking56 & Cast Member 02!


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