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My totally awesome Western Caribbean cruise on the Disney Fantasy...


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  • My totally awesome Western Caribbean cruise on the Disney Fantasy...

    So the entire time I was in my LPN program (one step below Registered Nurse/Real Nurse) I kept saying I wanted to go to the Caribbean. I thought about scuba diving, snorkeling, and swimming in this far away land that smelled like Coppertone and that wasn't Hawaii. So during the biggest snow storm that my island area of western Washington has seen (school was cancelled for a week. I ate ice and dumped a cup of coffee on cupcakes I made for work. It was awesome!), I did what any normal college student would do: booked a 7 day Western Caribbean cruise in the middle of July. And since I was graduating I thought I should take my dad (he would listen to my "OMG! I got to do the grossest thing ever! It was so cool!" stories.). 6 months of waiting lead to this...

    The Orlando airport. And my love of manatees.

    Dad and I outside the Fantasy in the check in area....

    Finally on the Fantasy! And I would be lying if I said I didn't cry when I walked on board. When you walk on they announce and people clap and you walk a red carpet. No joke.

    This is the awesome chandelier in the lobby when you first walk in...

    And this is what my dad does the first thing we do on board. He found the buffet and enjoyed the heck out of it.

    Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate and waffles with coffee...

    So Dad and I spent a good chunk of time exploring the ship. This is the kid slide. Look how cool this slide is! Part of me wished I was under 36 inches.

    Note the cool mosaic. Also note the bag filled with booze. You can bring booze on the boat as long as it's carry on and as long as you can carry it until 1:30pm. Which is all fine and dandy until your giant bag of booze starts to cut off circulation in your arm... Yeah that was happening. But I loved this chair. I wanted this chair...

    This was in The Tube in Europa. I've wanted this type of chair since I was a kid. But these chairs aren't that comfy.

    Okay need to go to bed. Stay tuned next time!

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    Re: My totally awesome Western Caribbean cruise on the Disney Fantasy...

    Sounds like this was very exciting and fun for you, I look forward to the rest of this report!
    My Micechat cruise trip report, Part 1:


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      Re: My totally awesome Western Caribbean cruise on the Disney Fantasy...

      Wow- that's gorgeous! Glad you had a great cruise! I've heard good things about the new ships.
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        Re: My totally awesome Western Caribbean cruise on the Disney Fantasy...

        Okay I'm awake! Yay! I caught up on sleep! Double yay! So let's get this show on the road...

        One thing everyone needs to know about my family is we're big readers. We're huge readers. And I don't like e-books. I don't like the feel of them in my hand when I read. I like the feel of books. And one dink in our whole vacation (which wasn't a dink really, just an annoyance) was in Seattle, after we boarded our plane, we were stuck on the runway/tarmac/I don't know what it is called because I don't normally fly, because of thunder storms. So we spent 1.5 hours stuck, and I brought 3 books thinking that would be more than enough, then we got stuck and I couldn't do anything but read. Long story short Dad and I were scrambling for books. And in our pictures you'll see a lot of books.

        This is as soon as we had lunch. Dad and I had lunch, went had soft serve from the Eye Scream bar (soft serve!), and then went to the adult area. That was very rad and pretty. (Sorry this is Dad in our room right as we got in, he found the book about the ship)

        After 1:30pm you're allowed into your room:

        This is one of the first pieces of art you see in your room. I found this artwork very touching. And yes, I was crying. I just think it's very sweet that for a company as big as Disney they remember "Steamboat Mickey."

        We had room 8572, which we were originally an obstructed view but it was a GTY. From the looks of the website it looked like I was getting a room with angled walls and a large porthole that was obstructed. What I got was something WAY better. I was upgraded from a 4D to a 5B, so it was a rad room. I got a balcony on the 8th floor. I was nervous because it looked like we were getting a room right next to the stairs and it was going to be loud. We were next to the stairs and elevators, but it wasn't a bad thing. After a long day it was nice to be right there and have your room.

        Again more artwork in our room. I want to learn how to make those knots. This was over the couch/kid/Dad bed.

        After got our things in our room we enjoyed the Sail Away party:

        After the Sail Away party (which even got me and my dad to dance like dorks. It is a Disney cruise, throw away any sense of dork. Everyone on board is a goober. That's what I learned.), Dad and I went to the front of the boat on the adult levels next to Satellite Falls to watch the ship leave the harbor. I decided that it was time for booze to toast to an awesome trip. Part of me wanted to get something with rum, or champagne. But Dad and I are beer people so for $45 you got 2 steins that you could refill for like $5.50. And at Currents they had my favorite beer (Kona Longboard.).

        We had a nice German guy take our picture. He laughed when I said "This is my favorite beer next to the banana bread beer!" Never say that in front of a German man with a beer belly. My mom loves this picture.

        After this Dad and I had some down time. We had a meet from another board... Got our luggage (in my purse/carry on I packed travel documents, teddy bear, booze, and bathing suit. They bring your luggage later like around 4pm).
        I did what any normal person does:

        You can use magnets to decorate your door. That way you can find it better.

        Bright enough? Colorful?

        Dinner we were at the Enchanted Garden. I really liked this dinning room. It was like if the Tiki Room and Rain Forest Cafe had a French love child.

        Tuna tartar with avocado. Our waiter, Dennis, thought we were vegetarians because I ordered tuna tartar, tomato soup (which was really good!), and sea bass (it had fava beans and pea risotto! That's why I ordered it.). Dad ordered a mushroom brioche, wedge salad, and scallops. Nope. We like meat!

        And dessert!

        Dad afterwards went to see a band. I went to see Match Your Mate. I came back to the room and found one of the raddest parts of a Disney Cruise:

        Cookies and (soy) milk before bed and a Mickey head ice cream. Yum!
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          Re: My totally awesome Western Caribbean cruise on the Disney Fantasy...

          Awesome!! Looks like fun so far. They brought you the soy milk because you're lactose intolerant correct? Very attentive Disney!!

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