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Disney Cruise Character Audition Experience


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  • Trip Report Disney Cruise Character Audition Experience

    Hey everyone, I wanted to share this because it's eating me alive, and I just want to feel the support from the Disney fan community, and to get all sorts of good energy in the air.

    On March 24th, Disney Cruise Line was in Vancouver (where I live) auditioning for a 9 month contract as a Character Performer. I am just about to graduate theatre school, and have been waiting for them to come back and audition... I auditioned for them in February 2011 I believe, and got cut after the dance round.

    Flash forward to now, about to graduate from a 3 year training program in acting for stage and screen... Looking for work when I am graduated... They come flying in to town to audition... And this time... I got all the way through, and got to fill out an application, and have the dance routine put on camera. I was the only guy auditioning in the 5'5" - 5'7" height range in Vancouver... Which makes me feel pretty good!! But they are auditioning in New York in a few days for the same positions... so I am all kinds of nervous!

    I got to do an ICP this summer at Magic Kingdom, so I have worked for Disney... I loved working there, and had a blast! Working stands east, serving food and such... but it killed me watching people perform and not getting to.. This is the chance for a Canadian to work for Disney, and get to perform! So I am hoping the ICP really helps me with them wanting to hire... I even gave them a copy of my assessment from the managers of Stands East with my application and resume.

    So long story short... Think of me... the Canadian theatre school graduate... hoping his dreams come true.

    ~ Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday tomorrow and fantasy

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    Re: Disney Cruise Character Audition Experience

    Do you have a feel for how many they will need in your height range?

    I think you have a very good chance of getting cast. Good luck!
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