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Disney to build two more cruise ships


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  • Disney to build two more cruise ships

    UPDATE: DISNEY WILL NOW HAVE THREE NEW SHIPS, and they will set sail in 2021, 2022, and 2023!

    Disney to build two more cruise ships:
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    Thanks for the link. I wonder what new additions these ships will have over their sisters?

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      I know that Disney Cruise fans have been asking when the company would build new ships for several years now, and as the cruise division of Parks and Resorts is very profitable, I imagined that it was only a matter of time before Disney decided to build two more ships.

      I believe I read in the comments on the Disney Parks Blog that people were hoping for ships based in Asia or Europe. If anyone is expecting the Bahamas-registered Disney Cruise ships to operate a ship in Hawaii, take a look at this article from Yesterland from 2008 why the two new Disney Cruise ships announced in 2007 would not be sailing regularly from one of the Hawaiian islands:

      Also, some interesting comments at the (unofficial) Disney Cruise Line blog:


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        I was watching a Youtube video that showed time lapse construction of cutting a cruise ship in two, pulling the sections apart and inserting new section in the middle. it was definitely a smaller class ship than the two older Disney ships, but if it could be done, a good time to do it would be as the new ones come on line.


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          Cool news


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            the ship that was built in two was the first dcl ship the magic and yes it was a neat process to witness

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              I hope that when Disney gets two new ships, that the Wonder or the Magic will be able to make some trips to Asia with stops in Hong Kong, Shanghai, & Tokyo, with options for special access to the Disney parks there.

              Princess cruises has many Asia trip options that Disney could be inspired by. I'd like to see Busan. (It looked interesting in "Black Panther"!)


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                There will be THREE ships, and they will set sail in 2021, 2022, and 2023!



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                  Any change the price will go down when all the new ships are Rollin?
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