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Difference between 5 night and 7 night?

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  • Difference between 5 night and 7 night?

    Hi there fellow Micechatters!

    Planning to take a cruise in early 2017 to either Bahamas or Caribbean and I'm wondering the difference between 5 night and 7 night cruises. I've heard from a couple friends that the 7 night seemed a bit long. Do the extra two nights just mean more days at sea, or maybe they have better shows? Has anyone on here done both before? Any opinions are welcome! Thanks!
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    Ive never cruised on disney cruise line but ive been on 13 cruises before. If it is your first cruise then I would say do the 5 day just to make sure you like it, but I love doing 7 days or longer. Also there is no casino on DCL so 5 days might be good.


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      The difference is just the 2 extra nights (if both are on the same ship, the shows will be the same regardless of cruise length)
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        I've found the longer cruises to be better for me. We've done the 15-day Panama Canal relocation cruises, so when we did the 7 day Alaska one, it felt short.

        You can look up the itineraries online; the 7 day probably has an extra port day. See which ports appeal to you more.
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          7 nights allows more relaxation time and yes usually an additional one or two days at sea, either cruise you pick will be awesome

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            Originally posted by alphabassetgrrl View Post
            I've found the longer cruises to be better for me. We've done the 15-day Panama Canal relocation cruises. . .
            CMs on the Alaska cruise (7 nights & we loved it), said they loved working that longer Panama cruise because there were fewer people and they got to know the nice passengers.

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