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A reason NOT to do a Disney Cruise (Insurance refund challenges)


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  • A reason NOT to do a Disney Cruise (Insurance refund challenges)

    In 2013 we took a Disney Cruise to Alaska, and everyone in my family agrees it was our best holiday ever.

    This summer we were going to take a Disney cruise in Europe as part of a longer vacation, but my mother-in-law has been hospitalized and my wife as been back to NYC (from L.A.) several times to help care for her. We cancelled our trip to Europe including the cruise because we didn't want to risk having to fly back from Europe. I'd purchased the Disney Cruise trip insurance (over $400 I think), but it has been a real pain for us to fill out the forms because we're thousands of miles from a physician who has been taking care of her. It's not impossible, but again it's really been a pain. The letter from the physician we did get has not been enough because he didn't include the dates he cared for her.

    Eventually we'll get to Europe, but we won't be taking a Disney Cruise again.

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    Update: I posted this on another Disney page after I posted it here and three people already wrote back with comments. Apparently doctors do this all the time, so it shouldn't be too hard to get a doctor to fill out the form.

    I did get a note from a doctor based on what an insurance rep told me over the phone, only to learn that the letter I obtained was insufficient. The doctor needed to specify that he treated her BEFORE we cancelled our cruise and list the dates he's treated her. I think this is a bureaucratic annoyance, though everyone I've spoken with at the insurance company has been pleasant, and the last person I spoke with assured me that there's no deadline for me to get the refund. Still, cancelling a Disney Cruise and having a sick, beloved relative are both depressing experiences, so I wish getting this refund were more convenient.
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      Update: We received most of the refund. They sent us three checks--one for each passenger (the one for my 13-year-old was made out to "Mrs." followed by her name), but combined they were $600 short of what Disney said I would receive, so this isn't over.

      Someone on another Disney fan forum wrote that on future trips I could get Travel Insurance for a Disney Cruise through a different company than the one Disney promotes. This might be the answer.
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