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Cruising Lingo 101

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  • Cruising Lingo 101

    You may hear a few of these terms while on your cruise:

    Aft- directional term meaning toward the back (stern) of the ship.
    Bow- the front of the ship.
    Bridge- where the captain and helmsman navigate a ship and give orders.
    Buoy- floating object used to mark a channel.
    Deck- platform stretching along a ship.
    Forward- directional term meaning toward the front of the ship.
    Funnel- large hollow tube or pipe which exhaust from a ship's engine escapes.
    Galley- the kitchen on the ship.
    Hull- the outer frame or body of a ship.
    Knot- the measure of a ship's speed. One knot is one nautical mile per hour.
    Midship- the area of the middle of a ship.
    Port- the left-hand side of a ship (facing forward).
    Porthole- a window in the side of the ship.
    Stateroom- living quarters for passengers and crew onboard a ship, also know as a cabin.
    Stern- the rear end of a ship.
    Starboard- the right-hand side of a ship (facing forward).
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