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PB and Westley Get Locked Up

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  • PB and Westley Get Locked Up

    All over the Internet trip reports from this year's Westbound Repositioning are developing. And here comes another one!

    I'll start Chronologically, and to keep Olympicnut happy I've really cut back on the thousands of pictures I took.

    Day 1 - Orlando, Port Canaveral, and the Magic

    We arrived really early Saturday (1:30 AM) at MCO after some delays flying in from San Jose. We woke up our ‘Zoner roommates Kevin and Shayne when we came in because we were too excited about the next day’s events.

    We stayed at the airport Hyatt, and apparently so did many other cruisers. The drill is that with Disney Cruise tags attached, passengers leave their luggage outside their hotel room doors and the Disney company arranges the transfer of the luggage to the staterooms. It was an interesting image to see rows of bags sitting outside most of the doorways. But I had no time to set up that picture as we were off to breakfast and an east coast – west coast meet in the lobby.

    •The Entrance to the Hyatt

    • PB and SummerInFL

    •East Meets West - Dr. Earkid, PB, Wolfie, SummerInFL, Villians Fan, Disney1978

    •DoomBuggy, SummerInFL, BrerRabbit, me

    After the minimeet, and some breakfast, we checked in at the cruiseline desk, and headed off to our transportation

    •Anne and Shayne - ready to board the bus to Port Canaveral

    •Anne slept during the ride. Too much excitement already!

    •There it is! Our first glimpse of the Magic! At this point I started taking way too many pictures

    •Us noobs spent a long time in the terminal getting oriented. No, Wolfie's not a noob, she's just there for some contrast

    •In the terminal was this nifty scale cutaway model of the Magic.

    The cutaway was on the starboard side - our side.

    •Joe starts the entertainment early. At this point I still don't know him, but it looks like Anne is learning quickly.

    •In the terminal, before we boarded...

    Finally our boarding group was called and we boarded the ship. It was fun to have our names called out as we boarded and to be greeted by the staff.

    Next we headed up towards the lunch buffet at the Topsiders on deck 9. We had a decent seafood lunch, and got our first exposure to the evil desert table (insert dramatic music here). Banana Cream Pie. never had it before. I'll have it again. Someday.

    Our stateroom was ready by 1:30, so we headed down to the 6th level. I poked my head outside to take in the view and watch the loading of luggage and so forth. I lloked to my right and saw...

    •Our neighbors, Shayne and Kevin!

    •Anne and Shayne create their plans

    Our bags arrived soon after, so we unpacked and relaxed a while before heading to our first dinner at Animator's palate.

    After dinner, there was some drinking which lead to drunken Scrabble in the Diversions bar. Everyone's a winner at Drunken Scrabble!

    I'll post more tomorrow - and I'll try to wrap this up faster than one entry a day

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    Re: PB and Westley Get Locked Up

    •In the terminal was this nifty scale cutaway model of the Magic.

    What's cool about this picture is that you can see some features of the ship that are hard to capture in photos while you're onboard.

    The top row of windows are the windows of the gym . Ken and I spent a lot of time there as the equipment and fitness instructors were great. Plus, the view out the windows when you were using the equipment was great. I was on an exercise bike for 70 minutes while we went through the first locks at the Panama Canal and I could see everything perfectly.

    The bottom row of windows is the bridge. That area was off limits to passengers of course.

    The swimming pool in the front is the cast members' swimming pool. We didn't see cast members out there too often. I suspect this is because one, most of them worked 12-14 hours daily and two, it was pretty windy out there in the front usually.

    Above the top row of windows , you can see what looks like a plastic screen. That was the clear wall that protected the basketball court from the wind. Many of us would go in front of it during the day and always late at night because it was really fun to stand there and feel the power of the wind , especially when the boat was going 21 knots per hour. I miss doing that!

    Below the lifeboats is the promenade deck/deck 4. You could go in a complete circle
    around that deck and if you did so three times, you'd gone a mile. That was also a great deck for sighting dolphins and whales.


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      Re: PB and Westley Get Locked Up

      Wow, this is great! I wanna go on this cruise now!

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        Re: PB and Westley Get Locked Up

        More!!! :clap: Was an absolute pleasure meeting in person PB! You're as sweet as I thought you would be, thanks for the wonderful hour we got to spend together and for making me an official Mice Chatter complete with tiara and bubbles! :lol:

        I can't wait to read the rest!


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          Re: PB and Westley Get Locked Up

          What wonderful pictures! Thanks so much for posting them I cant wait to see more.


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            Re: PB and Westley Get Locked Up

            Skywaygrl is giving Mickey a reach around.
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              Re: PB and Westley Get Locked Up

              Originally posted by Iluvdisney View Post
              What wonderful pictures! Thanks so much for posting them I cant wait to see more.
              Iluvdisney, were you on this cruise too? If not, have you been on others with Disney? If so, which one, the Magic or the Wonder, and how long? If we'd had to get off after just 3-7 days, I would have been kicking and screaming. 15 days was just perfect. If I'd known how awesome it would be, I would have saved every penny I made for the last year and a half so I could have booked the return trip from CA to FL for my entire family!


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                Re: PB and Westley Get Locked Up

                Thanks for the great TR and pictures! I'm looking forward to the rest of the cruise.


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                  Re: PB and Westley Get Locked Up

                  Awesome TR so far can't wait to see the rest. I've never been on a cruise.


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                    Re: PB and Westley Get Locked Up

                    love it so far

                    MORE MORE MORE

                    Friends for life


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                      Re: PB and Westley Get Locked Up

                      Ken's not feeling well right now so he put me in charge of writing about days 2 and 3 of our cruise......

                      We woke up at 7 am and looked out our window to find that we were at Castaway Cay. It was a gorgeous day and the water was so blue and inviting!

                      This is the pirate ship that was used in filming Pirates of the Caribbean 3

                      We went past it and on to the cleanest beach we have ever spent a day at

                      There were all kinds of activities to do there. All of our gang had brought snorkeling and diving gear with us so we suited up and jumped into the water. There were all kinds of fun things to see, rays, the remains of a shipwreck (that had been planted there), Mickey and Minnie statues, and then Villain's Fan even saw a barracuda and swam for the shore as she puts it "The fastest she has ever swam in her life!"

                      There was a great band playing, an excellent lunch available to us, fun shops to browse in and great hammocks to relax in once you figured out how to get in them gracefully.

                      Wolfy gave us her coupon for a free inner tube rental and Ken and I had a great time trying to ride it together for about an hour.

                      Even the cast members were having a great time playing there at Castaway Cay.

                      There were lots of photo ops like these:

                      It was just a glorious day and we did not want to leave when the time came!

                      On Day 3, we got up early and Ken went to they gym and I went to aerobics on the top deck. It was hot but it was a blast. Having exercised, we felt totally guilt free going to brunch at Palo with the gang.

                      We were given this beautiful room

                      Our server was great....very informative and very funny! The food was fabulous and everyone was having a blast!


                      Um, I'm not sure why Chernabog was eating the plant......

                      There was plenty of food. I tried one of everything:

                      The tiramisu was my favorite dessert , but I loved everything so much that I kissed the cook when he came out to greet us!

                      I wanted more of the pizza but couldn't possibly fit it so the waitress wrapped it up for me in this cute foil swan and she even gave me a diet coke to go with it.

                      The ceiling in the lobby there was cool!

                      See that hand reaching up? That was me pretending to be naughty and pretending to swipe the egg shaped thing a ma bobbie. When I turned around Kevin actually had one of the mini ones in his hand and we were like "Put that back right now!" LOL

                      We did various activities throughout the rest of the day until it was time to get ready for formal night. Everyone cleaned up really well. There was even a hairdresser on board for those of us who were having bad hair days. I got this cool updo done.

                      Katrina and I both just happened to wear red

                      So Ken had two dates for the evening

                      Shawn came decked out from head to socks

                      The theme of the night was The Golden Mickeys so we headed downstairs

                      And walked the red carpet like movie stars

                      Dinner at Lumiere's ,which is the fanciest of the three restaurants other than Palo, was a blast!

                      I even peeked in the window when I wasn't in the room to make sure everyone was still having fun

                      And they were!

                      We adored our waiters and showed our aprreciation for them lifting them in the air!

                      I sure hope someone has front views of these shots! If so, please add them to this trip report!

                      When we got back to our stateroom that night, this cute little critter was waiting for us:

                      Ahhhh! Good times! I miss our ship and everyone who was on it!

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                        Re: PB and Westley Get Locked Up

                        Originally posted by Matt Hamand View Post
                        Skywaygrl is giving Mickey a reach around.

                        Visit my mice chat toy shop!

                        Track Disney Animation Presence in the Theme Parks Worldwide!


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                          Re: PB and Westley Get Locked Up

                          How neat!!


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                            Re: PB and Westley Get Locked Up

                            Yay! I love it so far. I want more

                            Looks like everyone had a great time.


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                              Re: PB and Westley Get Locked Up

                              OMG I just noticed that DP's dress has mickeys all over it! HOW AWESOME IS THAT! Love the photos, looks like you were all having the time of your life.