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The Best deal for the DVC


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  • [Question] The Best deal for the DVC

    What is the best deal right now for the Disney Vacation Club for a person that is new to this?
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    Re: The Best deal for the DVC

    You have asked a really broad question. Trying to answer your question, I will start by saying that you can purchase into the Disney Vacation Club through two pathways. One is directly through Disney which currently cost about $112 a point. The other avenue to purchase is through a resale broker. You will save quite a bit of money using a resale broker but the process will take you around 4 to 6 weeks to complete your transaction. You can complete your paperwork the same day if you're purchasing through Disney. My family bought into the club in July 2007 during a Disney Cruise. We bought directly through Disney because they were offering some unbelievable incentives. We later added additional points to our membership by using a resale broker. I paid $65 a point for a 160 point contract at Saratoga Springs which is almost half of what Disney charges. The process took about 6 weeks but it was well worth the wait. Good luck with your possibilities of joining DVC. It is absolutely the wisest money we have ever spent.


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      Re: The Best deal for the DVC

      The best per point price is at Vero Beach Resort where you can get an ownership in the low $50s per point. The draw back is that Vero has the highes m/t charges at $6.40 per point. The lowest per point price for on Disney World property is OKW at around $66 per point and dues are $4.73 per point. The draw back is OKW at that price expires in 2042. Saratoga Springs can be had at about $70 per point and has an expiration date of 2054. Dues at Saratoga are $4.34 per point. So, if the expiration date does not matter, go with OKW. If the extra 12 years is a concern, then go with Saratoga. If the slight increase in dues does not matter, go with Vero Beach Resort.
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        Re: The Best deal for the DVC

        Something to consider when buying into DVC in WHERE you want to buy. Remember at the current time you can bank your points for on year - use on year's points - and borrow the next years points. So don't write off 100 point memberships- by banking - using and borrowing - that 300 points over 3 years. So if you are going to buy a 300 point membership - you can buy three separate 100 point memberships at three different resorts - and have three different home resorts. This allows divides your investment up if the initial investment is a concern. You can buy all three with the same (month) use year - or buy them all three with the same use year so it's a little easier to manage.

        Make no mistake - there is no other timeshare out there that has the same benefits and holds its value like DVC. We recently were going to purchase through WestGate Resorts. However we did research and your initial investment goes out the window on the resale market upon closing. No other timeshare or vacation club assures you that your purchase holds its value. The Mouse does it best! Disney will never pressure you to buy or to buy more - or give you 'false' or 'fake' incentives - or have to run and get a 'managers approval' on a 'great deal'.

        DVC is a wise investment of your money if you are a frequent vacationer. With the cruise exchanges, RCI exchanges - you can really use your DVC points anywhere you want to vacation. You can also use your points for Adventures by Disney vacations. If you have any questions about DVC drop me an e-mail - I will give you the name of our guide - she is GREAT and answered every question we had on our initial purchase at Animal Kingdom Villas and then when we added on at Bay Lake Tower.

        Be sure to weigh your options - the incentives they have going on through Disney right now are better than what you can do on the resale market UNLESS you want to buy at a resort that is already sold out. If you want to buy at AKV - SSR - or BLT the incentive - cruise offer they have is incredible.

        E-mail me on yahoo with the username csharpwv if you have any questions!


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