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DVC and Make a Wish?

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  • DVC and Make a Wish?

    This may be a bit *pie in the sky* but I was thinking (that usually gets me in trouble).......what if a system could be set up, for DVC member to donate on a yearly basis (including dues, all tax deductable I would think) One (1) point to maybe *Make a wish foundation* or other group for WDW or DL vacations for sick and poor kids/families?

    Now if I remember theres about 120,000 member units, and if only 20,000 donated one (1) point that would be about 40 one week vacations a least the rooms/units payed for!

    Any comments?.ideas?.interest? pro and con? I would love to see if this could work.

    Happy New Years to everyone!........AKK

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    Re: DVC and Make a Wish?

    I think it is a great idea!
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      Re: DVC and Make a Wish?

      Cool idea.
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        Re: DVC and Make a Wish?

        I Know that WDW and DVC give out to Make a Wish and Home makeover show.

        DVC Can use the 10% room for Make a wish and DVC can buy the rooms.
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