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Who Bought Aulani?


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  • Who Bought Aulani?

    I had been wanting to add on points at the Bay Lake Tower at the Magic Kingdom, but after the presentation I attended on Friday, I decided to add on at Aulani instead.

    Fishy and I love Hawaii and felt that adding a bit of diversity to our points portfolio might provide for better rounded vacations in the future.

    Very excited for our first stay at Aulani. It looks beautiful.
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    Re: Who Bought Aulani?

    I added on at the event as well this will make it a lot easier to go to Hawaii by staying at a DVC Resort can not wait until next year. Since we joined DVC this has been on our Radar since day #1 and its finally happening.


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      Re: Who Bought Aulani?

      It's so tempting...but I think NNL and I agree GCV are where we're adding on (closing next week). Doesn't mean we won't visit Hawaii in the future, since neither of us has been. In fact, makes it all the more tempting...
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        Re: Who Bought Aulani?

        When we closed on GCV today, our rep told us we can't buy into Aulani yet. Something about the gvt of NY (and AZ). So its a no go for awhile. Thought that was intersting.
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          Re: Who Bought Aulani?

          We would really love to add on, but we just can't right now. If we had the extra money, Hawaii is definitely where we would want to add on. We will definitely make a trip out there ASAP. Do you know when they will start allowing members to make reservations there?

          We had a great time at the event on Saturday, as usual, though. Tour Guide Tim/Stan was a lot of fun & that one Hawaiian dancer wasn't so bad either. Maybe if they threw him in with the deal...


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            Re: Who Bought Aulani?

            I would love the add point at Aulani, that would make my youngest very happy. But, it's just not in the budget right now.

            We'll just have to suffer with our points at BLT and VGC.
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