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To buy or cash


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  • [Question] To buy or cash

    Another thread with me asking if I should buy DVC. Looking to take a trip next year to WDW. We will be staying in BLT. Total of 9 people, 6 adults, 3 kids ages Nearly 4, nearly 2, and nearly 1 (and yes they are all mine). Rooms reserved are a 1bd and 2 studios. Total cost is around 3k per room. This includes dining does not include tickets. This is also with a military discount and I can get tickets from military for nearly half off. All rooms have a MK view.

    Now the question I have is should I pay the nearly 10k in cash or spend nearly 18-20k to get the points I need to pay with points?

    Vacations would be every other year at most. I am active duty so vacation time is few and far between. So there is that to consider.

    We plan on flying down the day before and staying at the MCO Hyatt and doing the same for the trip out. Check in date is 6/20/11 and check out is 6/25/11.


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    Re: To buy or cash

    Personally I was not impressed with DVC. I passed.

    If you're going to use it and it meets your needs then go for it.


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      Re: To buy or cash

      I'd go for it and buy. You can bank your points for a year if you have any left or borrow from the next if you need more. If you only use it twice, it's paid for with that kind of cash expenditure. Then if you find you don't use it enough you can sell it.


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        Re: To buy or cash

        If you truly intend to visit a DVC resort at least every other year, then it would likely be well worth it for you to buy the DVC points.
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          Re: To buy or cash

          I would defintely go for it, esp. if you will have a lot of people going each trip!
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            Re: To buy or cash

            just try to buy!
            I am traveling now.


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              Re: To buy or cash

              Here are some Bay Lake available resale ownerships so you can compare your rental charges with a purchase. Closing costs are apprx. $400 - $600 based on size of contract. When running your numbers to see if an ownership is the right move for your family, please remember that unlike a used car, there is value in your ownership when you decide to sell so many owners will compare the maintenance and tax charges each year to the rental charges for the unit you would get using your DVC points. That will show your yearly savings compared to renting. I hope this helps. Bay Lake is the most expensive property on resale, you can save a lot of money by purchasing a different resort, but then you would not have the 11 month home booking priority at Bay Lake.

              ID#310 Bay Lake Tower 050 $102 Sept 50 pts for 2011 + 50 for 2012 + 50 for 2013. $5,100
              331 Bay Lake Tower 080 $102 Dec 24 banked 2009 + 14 for 2010 + 80 for 2011. $8,160
              SP Bay Lake Tower 100 Feb 100 pts for 2010 + 100 for 2011 + 100 for 2012. Sale pending
              290+A Bay Lake Tower 100 $93 April 100 pts for 2012 + 100 for 2013 + 100 for 2014. $9,300
              353H Bay Lake Tower 100 $100 Sept 5 banked 2009 + 100 for 2010 + 100 for 2011. Closing date 2/25/11 $10,000
              310B Bay Lake Tower 100 $102 Sept 100 pts for 2011 + 100 for 2012 + 100 for 2013. Two contracts, One closing cost! $10,200
              293+ Bay Lake Tower 125 $103 Aug 100 pts for 2010 + 125 for 2011 + 125 for 2012. $12,875
              310C Bay Lake Tower 150 $102 Sept 150 pts for 2011 + 150 for 2012 + 150 for 2013. Three contracts, One closing cost! $15,300
              365 Bay Lake Tower 160 $95 Feb 104 banked 2010 + 159 for 2011 + 160 for 2012. $15,200
              322B Bay Lake Tower 160 $95 June 160 pts for 2011 + 160 for 2012 + 160 for 2013. $15,200
              2222 Bay Lake Tower 160 $104 Oct 160 for 2010 + 160 for 2011 + 160 for 2012. $16,640
              331A Bay Lake Tower 160 $102 Dec 24 banked 2009 + 14 for 2010 + 160 for 2011. Two contracts, One closing cost! $16,320
              SP Bay Lake Tower 180 Feb 180 banked 2009 + 180 banked for 2010 + 180 for 2011. Sale pending
              SP Bay Lake Tower 180 Feb 90 banked 2009 + 180 banked for 2010 + 180 for 2011. Sale pending
              92 Bay Lake Tower 180 $98 Feb 180 pts for 2010 + 180 for 2011 + 180 for 2012. $17,640
              347 Bay Lake Tower 200 $98 Feb 153 pts for 2011 + 200 for 2012 + 200 for 2013. $19,600
              335 Bay Lake Tower 200 $103 Feb 134 pts for 2010 + 200 for 2011 + 200 for 2012. $20,600
              331B Bay Lake Tower 240 $102 Dec 24 banked 2009 + 14 for 2010 + 240 for 2011. Three contracts, One closing cost! $24,480
              SP Bay Lake Tower 250 Sept 250 banked 2009 + 250 for 2010 + 250 for 2011. Sale pending
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                Re: To buy or cash

                Reservations have been changed to the Villas at Wilderness Lodge with only 4 adults going staying in a 2bed. Still unsure as weather or not I am gonna buy into DVC. Have definatly decided that if I do so it will be resale. I can't afford it any other way.
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