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Tram Tour Station/Ratatouille Locations


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  • [Question] Tram Tour Station/Ratatouille Locations

    We all know the tram tour station will be moving and that a Ratatouille ride will be built somewhere in the studios, the question is where?

    In my (rather crude) map below I've put 2 possible locations for the tram tour and 2 for Ratatouille. (The purple 'blob' isToy Story Book Land)

    ImageShack - Hosting :: futurewdskx6.jpg

    Tram tour:
    Location 1 would make perfect sense to me, it is out of the way of future expansion and it is within the backlot area.
    Location 2 would have to be fairly temporary as surely this would need to move in the future to allow for greater expansion?

    Location 1 would probably be easiest as it doesn't involve the demolition of the costuming building but by building Ratatouille in this location the costuming building part of the tram tour would need to be removed.
    Location 2 would mean the demolition of the costuming building but makes the most sense to me as the costuming building will have to move eventually anyway.

    What does everyone think? which locations are most likely?

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