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Travelling to DLP from CDG at night


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  • [Question] Travelling to DLP from CDG at night


    I have booked a trip to DLP in September.

    I was there in May and I got the Disney shuttle bus from CDG airport to Disney Hotel Santa Fe and this was great.

    This time my flight will not arrive until 9.30pm and I the Disney shuttle bus website timetable shows that the last bus on A Wednesday evening is 8pm.

    Does anyone know the best way I could travel to Santa Fe?

    Thanks so much!!

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    Re: Travelling to DLP from CDG at night

    Well, a taxi will be expensive, that's a given. About €60, the ride takes 40 minutes. It's a fallback option.

    There is a TGV/RER (commuter train) station at the airport near Terminal 2 (find out where you land in advance, the place is a maze.) The RER requires you to go to Chatelet-des-Halles (downtown Paris) first and the whole journey takes quite a while — I'd say more than an hour. I wouldn't advise it, especially at that hour.

    Now, the TGV is a dream. The journey takes ten minutes. It's comfortable. But, TGVs aren't as frequent as RERs, so there is a chance you'll have to wait an hour (but never more unless you've missed the last train for the night.) I would advise consulting this website for timetables, booking, etc.

    Other things to know about the TGV:
    - The ticket is like a plane ticket, so you'll get an assigned seat and you can't use it on a different train when you've missed yours. You will have to exchange it first.
    - You need to validate it (punch it) on one of the little machines on the platforms before you board.
    - The chances of being checked on that short distance are slim — but I won't be responsible for your fine if you are, haha.
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      Re: Travelling to DLP from CDG at night

      Thanks for the reply Puss!!

      Do you know if I have to pre-book tickets or can I buy them at the airport?

      Im so excited!!!


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        Re: Travelling to DLP from CDG at night

        You can get them at the airport, but there's usually a long queue with only one employee at the desk. (There are two sections, you'll want the one that doesn't say RER.) You can also book tickets in advance, and there are ticket machines, but you need a credit card with a chip thingie for those. The upside of booking in advance is obviously that you know you'll have a ticket (in case the desk is closed at that hour or something), the downside is that if your flight is delayed and you miss your train, you'll have to exchange it (and I'm not sure you can get a refund on all ticket types.)

        But once you've figured out the ticket system, you'll never take the shuttle again.
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          HKDL : Done !!!


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            Re: Travelling to DLP from CDG at night

            Why on earth spend an hour on the RER when the TGV takes 10 minutes.


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