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20th-24th July '09 Trip Report


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  • Trip Report 20th-24th July '09 Trip Report

    It is with an expression of sadness that I sit down to write this trip report, namely because, well, I'm not in DLRP anymore. But life goes on, the trip was great and I'll keep this relatively brief. The tour company (it was a coach trip) was Gold Crest Holidays, and overall it was fine. The hotel was the Kyriad Torcy, a very convenient location for getting into DLRP when the coach was going elsewhere, and the rooms, while somewhat cramped and small-bedded, were fine (thin pillows though...). Our two drivers were somewhat rude and uncooperative unfortunately but the less said about that the better. The weather was cracking the first day, mostly cracking but thundery from about 8pm the second day, and lots of rain/overcast with some glimmers of blue skies and sunshine on the third day; this was disappointing but obviously it was still wonderful. I can't remember what exactly happened so I'll just review the main bits:


    Phantom Manor

    This was the first attraction, and despite people talking very loudly in the stretch room the first time (mercifully the cast member got everyone quiet before asking them to keep to the centre the second time) it was pretty good. Leota's room had undergone changes which were subtle but an improvement (one wonders why they considered this a priority and not some other, less well-maintained, areas but hey-ho). This attraction saddens me somewhat as the concept is superb, but it's just never as good as it could be. Really what it needs is a big refurb and reboot (and the music being turned up quite alot) but it won't happen.

    Big ThunderMountain

    Great as ever, water working 2 out of 3 days, TNT effect seems to be much more reliable. Still a possum missing and two that do nothing! Man that chain lift is loud...

    Indiana Jones

    I've always liked this, short, sharp and thrilling. I don't know how feasible it would be to add a bit of fire, smoke and water here and there but it sure wouldn't go a miss, and maybe the addition of a tent-covered projector and screen displaying some sort of pre-show like material. For that matter, perhaps the section before the lift hill being in a tunnel with an onimous voice-over etc. but hey, I'm dreaming, and also it might not even be feasible.


    Better than it's been before for me, audio better on the final scene but still not quite there, though the torches were working etc. which helped alot. One thing I did notice was that the swinging pirate encourages you to look the roof...but this is a minor annoyance. They're not fooling anyone but it's still nice to forget to look, hehe.

    Fantasyland in General

    Lovely land o' course, dark rides seem in good shape (though Peter Pan's jerky boats were at times actually quite horrendous) and IASW seemed in tip-top condition, all carousels spinning etc. Casey Jr and the boats seemed to be closed the whole time for some reason. The labyrinth was a particularly strong player here, in top condition; great (and unique) fun. Noticed the back passage from Fantasyland to Discoveryland for the first time this time, and I almost wish I hadn't, it was like WDS in 2002...


    Still great, but I mourned FTETTM (I don't think that abbreviation will catch on) when, as I saw the supernova explode, I imagined the moon and the original music. A superb attraction replacing an even more superb one. All the on-board audio was working this time and I particularly like the second inversion around the planets.


    Star Tours

    This is really HISTA
    General Thoughts


    Studio Tram Tour
    General Thoughts
    so much potential here, for Production Courtyard to be Hollywood Square or something, for Toon Studio to be decently themed, for Action Studios, for future lands and street sets, but I fear it will simply not be fulfilled. Time will tell!

    Other Thoughts

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    Re: 20th-24th July '09 Trip Report

    Nice TR.

    Have to say I agree with most of your summations of the attractions. Things are in an "ok state" but could be so much better.

    And I've not been through the caves, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was.

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      Re: 20th-24th July '09 Trip Report

      I'm so excited to be going on Tuesday! How were the crowds? Thanks for the trip report!
      Jeff Wayne


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        Re: 20th-24th July '09 Trip Report

        Pretty good (I knew I forgot something), busier on Day 3 but the most we queued was 40 for Crush. We never had to get SM FPs!


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          Re: 20th-24th July '09 Trip Report

          Thanks for the report and reviews!

          I have to say, I completely agree about the PM music being turned up. I swear it's getting quieter every year. But it's good to hear the park's maintenance seems to have improved a lot this year. Was the recoil effect on the Space Mountain canon working during your trip? (it was very recently)

          Good to hear the effects are doing well on my personal favourite attraction! I don't know if it's been mentioned here, but Rock is having a big refurb in September. So we can expect to see all the lights working again!
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            Re: 20th-24th July '09 Trip Report

            Well the smoke was working on the first two days but not on the third (incredibly annoying), I don't think the physical canon effects were being very dependable at all.


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              Re: 20th-24th July '09 Trip Report

              Excellent trip report, it feels as though I was actually there.

              Anyway, it's good to see HISTA getting all the credit it deserves; last time I went on it the 3D felt awful. It actually hurt my eyes slightly, and the earphones were useless.


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                Re: 20th-24th July '09 Trip Report

                Thanks for reporting Fizzy you lucky dog. Don't know when I'll get back there although I'll probably wait until after TSL is finished.

                You didn't mention any specifics on Mickey's Magical Party. Did you catch any of the 'events'? And are the decorations as horrible as everyone says they are?

                Originally posted by fizzog View Post
                And gotta love that Statue of Liberty tableau, hehe, I think I could have made that at home…
                Ha! 'Disappointing unwary DLP visitors since 1992!'
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                  Re: 20th-24th July '09 Trip Report

                  What a tagline! To be honest I seemed to subconsciously avoid any MMP stuff (I certainly didn't go looking for it), other than hearing the song for Minnie's train in the distance (in the worst case of prop re-using since the Peter Pan figures on Mickey's hat in WDS). The castle decorations were, well, ok. The head with mickey and co inside seems akward (that poor oval window hasn't seen the light of day in years!) but the mickey heads on the turrets would be nice if it was actually Mickey's birthday or something which it aint. I don't think the chateau is best-suited for adding decor as it's pretty intricate already and not as much of a blank canvas as, say, WDW's. The celebration didn't seem to annoyingly permeate everything as I thought it might which was good, but the sooner it's over the better. I fear that with the 20th not that far off the castle will only be left alone for a short period


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                    Re: 20th-24th July '09 Trip Report

                    Good Trip Report- It makes me want to go to DLRP.

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                      Re: 20th-24th July '09 Trip Report

                      I knew there was something else! That old man was in his hut on the steamer/keelboats. I'm fairly sure he was missing before... fairly unimpressive however hehe.


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