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Chandelier Testing


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  • Chandelier Testing

    Over at they have the first picture of the Main St Chandeliers being tested -

    I like them a lot (and even prefer them to the Arches, which I felt impacted on the view of the Castle too much.)
    My only criticism is that the pictures are the same on each one (Princesses).
    How about different characters on each?
    Otherwise very nice.
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    Re: Chandelier Testing

    ooooo how pretty, GEEZ i wish i could visit there and all the other parks in the world... i should start saving now so i can go by the time im 30 (im 19 now)



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      Re: Chandelier Testing

      WOW! I love them!
      Much better than previous years arches, at least, those chandeliers do not block the view to the castle.


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        Re: Chandelier Testing

        I liked the concept of chandeliers, but quite frankly the execution is a bit dull. I thought there'd be grand, ornate chandeliers across the street for some reason. Probably because chandeliers are usually suspended from a ceiling of some sort...
        I love the well-moulded Victorian-style poles they're on and that's where it ends. I could imagine liking them if I didn't have the view of the arches in the back of my mind, though. I can't help but think "if it ain't broke..."

        I didn't mind the fact that those arches blocked the castle, because the arches weren't all that awful to look at instead. Walk a few ft. and you can see the castle. Never saw a problem.


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          Re: Chandelier Testing

          Well they don't block the castle but at the same time they seem so...same. ]
          I think maybe a little bit more variation might have been better.


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            Re: Chandelier Testing

            I like them, i think they're awesome. They could have put something besides princesses though.


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              Re: Chandelier Testing

              I know that in the past both Epcot, and DLP have had the Lights of Winter. Where did DLP's go? Storage or is another park using them this year?

              The chandeliers look very nice!
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                Re: Chandelier Testing

                I don't like them. Just me, I guess.

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                  Re: Chandelier Testing

                  I think they are very pretty, and especially because they do not block the castle's view from the Town Square end of Main Street.


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                    Re: Chandelier Testing

                    They're not too bad at all, although I think there's something lacking - maybe a "Starry Sky" effect, similar to the one in Disney Village? Otherwise, this is a very promising start to the Christmas season!
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                      Re: Chandelier Testing

                      As you said, it's only a start, I'm sure we'll get some extra surprises soon...


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                        Re: Chandelier Testing

                        They look quite good, but they don't look very christmassy. They could be used to celebrate fool's day, princess day, carnival, Easter or any other special day. But then maybe that's the plan?

                        Or maybe I'm becoming an old smuck, expecting my Christmas decorations to be green, red and tinsel like...


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                          Re: Chandelier Testing

                          You'd think in the country that invented the "Chandelier" that they could have come up with something less lampish.


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                            Re: Chandelier Testing

                            Cars on Main Street... ARGH!
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                              Re: Chandelier Testing

                              I don't like the look of them during the day, but at night they are very cool. Much better than the arches.


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