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Help Visiting Disneyland Paris


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  • [Question] Help Visiting Disneyland Paris

    I will be visiting Disneyland Paris in June for 2 days. I live in California and know my way around the Disneyland here very well. I was just wondering if anyone had any tips that would make my trip to the Disneyland Resort in Paris better? or could compare experiences, wait times, and planning techniques with the Disneyland in California.

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    Re: Help Visiting Disneyland Paris

    Originally posted by rollrcostrfrk807 View Post
    I will be visiting Disneyland Paris in June for 2 days.
    Hi rollrcostrfrk807,
    June? cool. Weekdays or weekend? Weekdays are usually slower in DLRP, especially when there's no school break (summer school break starts in july in most Euro countries). Weekends can get very busy.

    - At the Walts Disney Studios, don't miss , Crush's Coaster, the Hollywood Tower Hotel, and Rock'n'nRoller Coaster.
    Moteurs, Action Stunt Show Spectacular, and Animagique if you have time too (I promise the Animagique song will get stuck in your head for the rest of the day).

    - At Disneyland Park, don't miss anything. )

    Depending on your budget, visit counter service restaurants as they're are usually lovely and extremely detailed, but don't have lunch there.
    If possible reserve a table at full service restaurants (Walt's in Main Street USA, for example), or all-you-can-eat buffets (Inventions
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      Re: Help Visiting Disneyland Paris

      The usual nice little touches that are worth seeing: Dragon in the castle basement, caves in Adventure Isle, Liberty Arcade & Discovery Arcade. As I'm sure you'll have heard before, get WDS done in one sitting!


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        Re: Help Visiting Disneyland Paris

        Thank you for the advice. I will be there on Sunday the 6th and Monday 7th, so i guess i will get both crowded and slow. Are there any time boards for seeing wait times? what do you usually do first?


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          Re: Help Visiting Disneyland Paris

          You will love it. I grew up on Disneyland and for me there is no greater Park--mainly because it was the original, and because I've seen it so many times through the years and have very fond memories it will always have a special place in my heart. But DLP is beautiful. It's just more majestic.

          Will you be staying onsite or off? Regardless, I reco that you be there before either Park opens. If staying onsite it's just a short walk from the hotels. If not, you will probably train there and will have to keep those train schedules in mind.

          I find that no matter how crowded it gets, as long as you are there early you at least can bang off a bunch of rides before the crowds get crazy and feel good about your day. But DLP is a place to wander and look at the scenario. It's got some unique's no Tokyo DisneySea, but I think it's very nice to look at and just get lost in the fantsay.

          There are better people here to tell you the differences between DL and DLP. I would make sure you see Phantom Manor and Le Pays des Contes de Fees (their version of Storybookland it's wonderful). You should spend some time enjoying the Castle, Pirates' Beach, take the Mark Twain and especially take time to absorb Discoveryland--as I believe it to be the best looking version of Tomorrowland around.

          As for how to plan your time. I have been to the Studios and it's still a baby. There's nothing overly wrong with it, it just doesn't have that much to do that is unique (Crush is a must). With that, I reco Day 1 at WDS, do everything there that you want to and then later in the day head over to DLP. Spend the afternoon wandering and taking it in and then day 2 start off at DLP, and later if you wish go back to the Studios if you so desire...

          Those are just my thoughts. Have fun, and enjoy. It's a great place.


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            Re: Help Visiting Disneyland Paris

            Check out the maps online and work out some of the shortcuts. No only do they save time - they also throw up some lovely little details.
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              Re: Help Visiting Disneyland Paris

              I will be staying off site so i guess i will just have to get up early and go. What shows would you recommend seeing? Are there any attractions that i should entirely pass on?


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                Re: Help Visiting Disneyland Paris

                I would advise only a half day at the studios really if you only have 2 days to spend.


                Begin at DLP, as early as you can.
                Take in as many attractions as you can in the morning before crowds build up - although the sunday will probably get very busy very fast.

                Once it becomes crowded, move over to WDS park.
                Personally, I would say avoid Armageddon if strapped for time.
                Magic carpets is one to miss as is Car in my opinion - just two fairly unimaginative derivatives on common rides.
                Studi Tram tour is one to miss, but still holds a strange charm with me

                Cinemagique and Tower of Terror are musts! And Crush if you can - although on a Sunday lines will be enormous!

                Then, return to DLP park when you have done everything you want in the studios.
                Try to have dinner at Walts' on main street - you will have to book in the morning, but it is well worth it - magical setting and fantastic food (steaks especially!)

                Then enjoy the rest of the evening until closing going on some of the big rides now that queues are shorter.

                Day 2:

                Purely the main park!
                Anything and everything you can do.

                Only thing I would say avoid is Honey I shrunk the Audience - although if this is your first ever viewing, it can still be enjoyable!

                You should be less rushed this day as a monday can be quite quiet - just take your time and enjoy all the little things you miss on a busy day.

                Blue Lagoon is a great experience for dinner, although the food is an aquired taste I think - "interesting" menu items.

                Avoid the mini parades (the train), but the full parades are very well done.



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                  Re: Help Visiting Disneyland Paris

                  I went for the first time in January for just one day and it flew by so quickly! Definitely get there so that you will be at the gates PRIOR to opening. Like in Anaheim, they sometimes let you in to the Main Street area early. We were able to stroll around, get some great pictures, use the washroom and such all before they lowered the ropes at the hub and allowed us to go to attractions.

                  We were there quite early actually and had a nice (CHEAP) cup of coffee and pastry in the train station right near the entrance prior to walking over to the park. It was a quick way to fuel up

                  Everyone differs on what the must-sees and could-skips are, but here's my list:

                  MUST SEE
                  --Space Mountain
                  --Nautilus walk-through (it usually is only open in the early afternoon, but it's well worth the time to go through--so atmospheric!)
                  --Phantom Manor (closed for renovation during my visit, boo)
                  --Big Thunder Mtn Railroad (perhaps my favorite ride in the park)
                  --The Castle (both upstairs and the dungeon area are gorgeous)
                  --Pirates (not sure it's better, but it has some fun differences)
                  --Alice's Curious Labrynth (it's cute)
                  --Cinemagique (supposed to be a great attraction, but I skipped the entire Studios Park)

                  TRY TO SEE (but don't feel bad if you don't)
                  --Indiana Jones coaster (it's different from the U.S. parks, but honestly not that great)
                  --Frontierland entrance walk-throughs (these are pretty simple, but kind of cool and different)
                  --Peter Pan (slightly nicer version, in my opinion)
                  --Crush's Coaster (from what I've read, it's fun--but not worth a super long wait)


                  --Buzz Lightyear, Star Tours, Honey I Shrunk the Audience, Snow White, Pinochio (not really different than in U.S.)
                  --Tower of Terror (yes people love this ride, but it's almost an exact clone of the one in Anaheim)
                  --Backlot Tour

                  Those are the ones that standout for me--everything else in Disneyland (not sure about the Studios) is worth seeing if you have time.


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                    Re: Help Visiting Disneyland Paris

                    Originally posted by rob-bttf View Post
                    Avoid the mini parades (the train)
                    Unless you are looking for character meet and greets in which case this is one of the best opportunities (as the train enters the hub, stand at the entrances to one of the lands - then the characters will come to you).
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                      Re: Help Visiting Disneyland Paris

                      Originally posted by nathan detroit View Post
                      Unless you are looking for character meet and greets in which case this is one of the best opportunities (as the train enters the hub, stand at the entrances to one of the lands - then the characters will come to you).
                      True, I was possibly incorrectly assuming that would not be on the agenda.
                      It is good for jumping all the characters as they disembark.

                      In a quiet day (the monday)
                      You should have fairly free reign to get on anything you like, and - depending on how manically you wish to rush around - you can fit a lot of rides in.

                      But part of the beauty of DLP is taking your time and really enjoying the smaller things.

                      And leave your shopping until park closing time - admittedly the shops will be jam packed, but you won't miss any ride time.

                      I agree with previous posters that the Liberty and Discovery arcades are great little features DLP holds over every other park.


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                        Re: Help Visiting Disneyland Paris

                        Some good advice here. I am originally a Disneylander, clocking up 300 or so visits before I moved to the UK (our last visit was Feb 2007). And we have been to DLP 52 times now. So with that experience under my belt, I would recommend the following as do not misses:

                        Main Street - visit the arcades, also pay attention to the Transport building on the right of Town Square - it is the same Size as Disneyland's castle (compare it to ours at the end of MAin Street). Enjoy the arcades on both sides. Walt's is the main event here, this restaurant is nicer than Club 33, food is hit and miss (we prefer the food quality at the Silver Spur or Auberge de Cindrillon, but Walt's has the nicest decor - warning that DLP meals are often 2 hour affairs).

                        Frontierland - best food in the park. Ensure you get on Big Thunder - the underwater tunnels make this the best version (try to get on at rope drop). Phantom Manor is very different to HM at the end. It could use a refurb, but a real gem. Also be sure to tour Boot hill. Personally I think you can pass on the river transport, there is not as much to see as at DL, though we do sometimes still have the keel boats running. And if the Molly Brown is going, it is the only side wheeler in a Disney park.

                        Adventureland - be sure to explore the caves of Adventure Isle and ride PotC - a great version, no Jack Sparrow and the wenches are still being chased! Indy is a poor coaster, only worthy of note for being disney's 1st inversion. Skip unless it is a walk on. The Aladdin walk through is ok - it is a bit like the old Sleeping Beauty walkthrough at DL, nothing special.

                        Fantasyland - the only must dos here are to explore the castle and dragons lair, the Labrynth and It's a Small World is the best version in the world IMHO. Also storybookland has some nice differences. Not that Casey Jr is a kiddy coaster here, and was Disney's 1st coaster to have synchronised sound.

                        Discoveryland - be sure to ride Space Mountain (first launch system in a Disney coaster, 3 loops, great fun - even if it is a shadow of it's former self). The Nautilus walk through is great to look around.

                        Everything else i have not mentioned can be skipped as they are similar to the attractions on offer at DL/WDW.

                        The parade is quite good, and actually a little better than DL's 50th Parade of Dreams, but they are both similar.

                        As for WDS, this park is given a hard time. I would recommend the following:

                        Cinemagique is a do not miss, awesome show. Also if you have not been to Florida, then Motors Action is a must do as well (if you like car chases etc. in your movies) - a real highlight.

                        Rock N Roller Coaster is fun if you have never been to Florida.

                        And I really like Armageddon if there are no major waits - it is like Backdraft at Universal Studios - if you like that, then go on it. If you are not a fan, then skip this one.

                        Animagique is ok if you like Characters. It is a blacklit puppet show and very cute. I think it is overrated. My wife and kids love it. If you have time, give it a try.

                        Crush personally is not worth the wait. Visuals wise, it is not as good as the Nemo Subs and it uses a lot of the same effects. Ride wise, it is an ok spinning coaster, but nothing special. It has the same capacity as Peter Pan with longer waits. We don't bother with it anymore. Once was enough. I would ride if less than a 20 min wait, but that hardly ever happens.

                        Everything else at WDSP is similar to their counterparts at DCA or DHS. Tram Tour is a slow loader and we like it, but it is not a real studios, and it is no where near as cool as Universal Studios, so again, only do if you have time or it is a walk on.

                        Dining in the Studios is poor - so try Annette's, the Steakhouse or King Ludwigs in the Village on your studios day.

                        Also, if spending any evening time at DLP and your trains will allow, I really do feel Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show is a real highlight of the resort, and far better than the dinner shows offered in Buena Vista near Knott's Berry Farm. This is an Old School Disney show, and far better quality.
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                          Re: Help Visiting Disneyland Paris

                          That show sounds great. I did not even know about it. Are there any other shows worth seeing at the resort or in one of the parks?


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                            Re: Help Visiting Disneyland Paris

                            As I mentioned in my post, Cinemagique is a must see, as is Motors Action if you have never been to WDW.

                            DLP used to have wonderful stage shows in Discoveryland and Frontierland (think Aladdin at DCA quality), but they were both cancelled this year and it has been all rubber head action - so totally skippable. Hopefully that may change by the time you go, but at the mo, there are no must see shows planned that I am aware of.

                            A few years ago, you could argue that DLP had the best shows in the Disney empire. Now except for Buffalo Bills, Cinemagique and Moteurs Action, there are none worth seeing (though some people like my wife and kids also love Animagique).
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                              Re: Help Visiting Disneyland Paris

                              As you are going in June, the park might still be closing *relatively* early on the monday (e.g. 7/8pm on a weekday) so my advice is to wait and have a late dinner in Disney Village, after making the most of the park hours throughout the day. The steakhouse comes highly recommended from me, but Annette's is very good for a smaller diner meal.
                              Or, as previously mentioned, try Buffalo Bill's for a very unique experience - but fun!

                              The sunday, it is more likely to be open until 10PM - so maybe go for dinner in Walt's on the Sunday?


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