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DLP Update : A closer look to the Last Chance Cafe Terrace - Panoramic pictures


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  • [Review] DLP Update : A closer look to the Last Chance Cafe Terrace - Panoramic pictures

    DLP Update : A closer look to the Last Chance Cafe Terrace - Panoramic pictures

    Here is a "take two" on the new Last Chance Cafe terrace. In a previous article, i've told you what i thought about it, but now that it's totally finished with tables and chairs under the terrace, and guests too, i wanted to have a second look at it.

    What i really wanted to see was the "visual intrusion" of this new terrace. I mean, before it was built, we had this soft curve of western buildings going from the Lucky Nugget Saloon to Phantom Manor's entrance. We still have it of course but now there is the terrace in the middle of it and the best way to show how it look and if there is a visual intrusion or not was to do panoramic pictures. As i didn't had a digital camera able to shoot panoramic pictures (i will have one soon) the panoramic were done by putting the pictures together with Photoshop. So, it's not perfect but it will give you a good idea - and i've shoot virtually on every angle outside the terrace but also inside to show what view you have when you're sit and enjoying a cup of coffee or chocolate.

    Let's begin by the pictures showing the terrace fron the outside. I will come back on the making itself but right now we can see the visual intrusion and how the gentle curve of the buildings is broken forever. However,to be perfetly fair, there is also some good points as we will see in the pictures shoot from the inside. But for now, have a look to the panoramic pictures below, and of course double-click on each to see them in big size.

    Let's have a look now at panoramic pictures showing you what one can see from the terrace. As you will see the view is pretty good and, depending of where you sit, you'll have a great view of Big Thunder Mountain or the riverboats arriving or beginning their cruise on the rivers of the far-west or on Phantom Manor if you sit on the left side of the terrace.

    The next pictures are in normal size and we'll have a closer look on the decoration and the cafe itself. But first, it's time to tell you what is precisely the storyline of the Last Chance Cafe. In Frontierland's mythology Fort Comstock was the first building built a long time ago, then, thanks to the gold rush the first prospectors arrived to search gold on Big Thunder and the first buildings of Thunder Mesa to be built were those you find on the right side when you enter the land and, on the left, the Lucky Nugget saloon and all buldings until the Silver Spur Steakhouse.

    The Last Chance Cafe was a place where cow-boys and prospectors came to have a good meal before they leave, for the cowboys to the flatlands of the far west, and for the prospectors before they go to search gold on Big Thunder. That's why it was called the "Last Chance Cafe", because the place was the "last chance" to have a good meal before they go outside Thunder Mesa.

    The reason why i'm telling you the true story of the Last Chance Cafe is not only because it's interesting to know about it but also because, obviously, any theming should be related with this original mythology. Let's have a look now to the other pictures. The first one shows the entrance. It's the original sign that was before on the cafe facade and now on the front of the terrace.

    Jump to the Disney and more full article to see many more pictures of the new Last Chance Cafe terrace!

    Disney and more: DLP Update : A closer look to the Last Chance Cafe - Panoramic pictures

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