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Help needed for an early July visit.


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  • [Question] Help needed for an early July visit.

    Hi to everyone.

    All of my recent DLRP visits have been winter/spring or early summer affairs,
    and this year I would really love to go early July - midweek, once the opening hours are extended til 11PM.
    But, how busy is it likely to be?

    French school holidays start on the 2nd of July, UK not until around the 20th.

    So if we stayed midweek the first full week injuly, avoiding weekends, how busy is it likely to be?


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    Re: Help needed for an early July visit.

    It really depends. It can be quite busy, with hour lond waits for the bigger, lower capacity attractions. But early and late in the day, it is not bad at all.

    This is how we usually cope: Get up early and go to EMH - you can do 10 attractions on average in those 2 hours. Then, grab some of the others that open later such as Big Thunder. Phantom Manor and PotC are never horrid waits because they have huge capacities. Then we take in the shows or explore things like the Labrynth, Adventure Isle, Nautilus etc.

    We make it a point to have a 3 course table service lunch (make reservations) so it is relaxed and civilised.

    Then in the afternoon we do a little shopping or go to the hotel for a swim or nap or both.

    Then we head back into the park in time for the parade and the park starts to get quieter from that point on.

    If attractions are important to you, the best time to ride is during Fanti and the fireworks. If Fanti is important, and you are in a group, then stake your place an hour in advance. If you are on your own, you can roll up.

    Now, if you are lucky, sometimes you can grab Space Mountain or Big Thunder after the fireworks. If this is the case, sometimes it can be quiet enough to ride back to back without getting off on Space Mountain at least.

    Summer does tend to feel less busy than the OCtober half term, Easter or Christmas, but it is busier than the off season. The weekends however, do not bother unless it is free.
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      Re: Help needed for an early July visit.

      Thanks for your advice, I would love to go in July again for the late hours, so might go for a midweek stay.

      Any other opinions?


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