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DLP update : A look at Disneyland Paris future

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  • News DLP update : A look at Disneyland Paris future

    Disneyland Paris Update - News and Rumors

    Today, we take a look at the future for Disneyland Paris.

    Toy Story Playland or Toy Story Mania?

    This year, in June or July, the new Toy Story Playland will open at the Walt Disney Studios with what will be, basically, three carnival rides themed on the Toy Story theme. There is no doubt that WDI Imagineers will do a great and probably enjoyable theming on this little land and DLP fans will be happy to have three new rides at the WDS, but they will be a little bit less happy when they will know that, at exactly the same location, Toy Story Mania was also envisioned to be build.

    Considering the financial situation of the park and the huge price difference between Toy Story Playland and Toy Story Mania nobody needs to be a genius to understand that once again it's the budget price which had the final word. Although I'm sure that young kids will enjoy Toy Story Playland rides we must not forget that all three will be outdoor attractions and when we see the incredibly freezing temperatures we have this winter in Paris we can wonder if Toy Story Playland was finally the right choice for the guests.

    Ratatouille, 20th anniversary attraction?

    Disneyland Paris 20th anniversary will be in two years from now and of course the biggest DLP fan question remains the same: what will be the 20th anniversary attraction? Since months everyone wonder which one between the Ratatouille and Little Mermaid dark rides will be the next E-Ticket and i'm sorry to say that, if no announcement have been done it's probably because nothing yet is totally sure.

    As usual it's all about money and although 2009 guests attendance was good, last year financial results were not fantastic. So, what is doing the park when they need to build a E-Ticket attraction and don't necessarily have the money for? Well, they do exactly like we do when we want to buy a new home or a new car, they go to see their bank and ask if they can borrow some money! They did a financial plan which was sent recently to the banks, and now everybody - including us - is waiting for its approval and the funds which will come with it. It will take probably some months to have the bank's answer but the park still have some time before the works must begin to make sure that a new E-Ticket will open on time in April 2012.

    However, considering that almost two years are generally needed for this kind of attraction, next June will probably be the dead line to begin the works. And, depending where these will be, DLP fans will know immediately - even with no official announcement - what is the final choice. I'm still betting on the Ratatouille dark ride not only for reasons explained in one of my previous article but mostly because the attraction is now on WDI schedule. Historically, when an attraction appear on the WDI schedule it means that the attraction has received the green light from the park. So, if you have to bet on one attraction as the next DLRP E-Ticket, i think you can put your bets on the Ratatouille dark ride. And for more info about the ride itself, have a look to my previous article HERE.

    What about Soarin' ?

    Since Walt Disney Studios opening the room to build a Soarin' attraction was kept. the good news is not only that the room is still available but also that the park is still considering to build it......someday. The new "Soarin' over the World" movie is expected to begin in 2013 at Disney's California Adventure and i really think that the main reason why Soarin' is not built yet at the WDS is simply because the new movie is not yet available. DCA and Epcot will probably have it first and then, with a bit of luck (and money!) the ride may come to the WDS. However, all this didn't stop WDI Imagineers to work on the design of the building facade - i remind you that WDS location for Soarin' is in Production Courtyard between the Cinemagique and Stitch live! buildings - and from what i've been told the facade will be beautiful, with an art-deco style just like the buildings nearby. You can find more details about the "Soarin' over the World" movie in the article i did some months ago HERE.

    Anything new in 2011 ?

    2010 will see the opening of Toy Story Playland - with also the New Generation Festival - but what about 2011? Well, considering that the next year will be the 20th anniversary we can expect that the park will save its money for the big event. However something highly expected will open in theatres in 2011: the new Pirates of Caribbean movie.

    It's time to remember that Disneyland Paris is now the only park which didn't "update" the attraction with the Jack Sparrow / Barbosa audio-animatronics. Considering the huge success of the first trilogy and the low budget of this update i was surprised they didn't do it before... until i thought they may envision to do it later. 2011 could be a perfect date for this POTC update and would be a good way to have something new in the park for a low amount of money. We'll see if it'll be the case...

    Even more news - including new infos regarding what changes will occur in Star Tours 2 pre-show decor and inside the simulators - on MiceChat partner site - Disney and More: Disney and more: A look at Disneyland Paris future
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    Re: DLP update : A look at Disneyland Paris future

    I think it is a step in the right direction that they are trying to make right WDS. Which also suffered from the eisner period. But I think that they also cannot forget the main park and need to expand and continue to build on what is there.

    As for World of Color at WDS (in the full article on disney and more)... I think that is a really interesting rumor. because if they build a lake to house it. would they just build a lake and a seating area? Or would they also build a whole new land on the lake? And if they get a whole new land will WDS finally get Journey to the center of the earth or another amazing attraction/themed land. maybe even the streets of new york from TDS?

    haha enough day dreaming that stuff probably would not happen for well over 10 years given DLP financial status.

    Thanks for the awesome report on DLP's future. I have never been there but like DL in california its on my list of places i want to visit really bad.


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      Re: DLP update : A look at Disneyland Paris future

      I would fly all the way to Paris, if for no other eason, but to experience a Ratatouille Ride!
      Jewish American Disney Princess


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        Re: DLP update : A look at Disneyland Paris future

        Well it seems great that DLRP will be getting TWO E-Ticket attractions within the same time-frame. Lets just hope that the Little Mermaid Attraction is more like the one originally envisioned for DLP instead of the one being built at DCA. As for Soarin, it will be interesting to see how this would fit in a movie themed park, my idea would be to place it in Discoveryland, with an Around The World In 80 Days theme (I know that this doesnt have much to do with this but why is DCA getting the Soarin Around The World movie if the park is about California?)