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First visit to DLP


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  • [Question] First visit to DLP

    Hi folks, I'm planning to go to Disneyland Paris (and Paris) for the first time ever. I'm thinking maybe 4-5 days, with most of that time spent at the Disney parks (yep I'm more interested in visiting Disney than the rest of the city. Hey, this is MiceChat!)
    I'd like to know:

    * When is the off-season at DLP?
    * Which hotels are both inexpensive and close to Disneyland (and reasonably nice)? What kind of hotel prices are standard over there?
    * Any other advice you can offer to a first timer?


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    Re: First visit to DLP

    Originally posted by disneyfann121 View Post
    yep I'm more interested in visiting Disney than the rest of the city. Hey, this is MiceChat!

    I feel the same way as I am doing the same thing. I'm not sure what to tell you about DLP, however visiting the city, I'd recommend renting an studio apartment over a hotel. It's more affordable and you feel more immersed in the culture.

    Paris Apartments For Rent

    Hope this helps
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      Re: First visit to DLP

      Thanks, 10/6. I'll look into that.


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        HKDL : Done !!!


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          Re: First visit to DLP

          Merci, DLRP!


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            Re: First visit to DLP

            Winter is considered an off season for the DLP. The park is open but some attractions will be closed for the season. I too went during this time 4 years ago and had a great time.

            Enjoy your trip and don't forget to post your pictures!

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            "One shoe can change your life"


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              Re: First visit to DLP

              I stayed at the Sequoia Lodge on my first & only trip to DLP, and absolutely loved it. The proximity to Disney village & the parks was perfect. Enjoyed the nice walk each morning by the lake.

              Some unique things I recommend to do in the parks :
              * Amazing Frontierland in many great details that are unique to this park. Allow lots of time here. The French fascination with American cowboys was quite fascinating to see. The Big Thunder Mountain is the best of all the parks in the world imo. And I loved their Phantom Manor Haunted House & unique graveyard next door you can explore. Riding the Molly Brown Riverboat & special Keelboats was a lot of fun too with some amazing scenery.
              * Dine upstairs at Walt's overlooking Main Street. Reminded me of being in Club 33 at Disneyland. Very, very special & magical experience.
              * Check out the dragon underneath Sleeping Beauty's castle. Seeing such a beautiful castle up on a hill at the end of Main Street really blew me away as well. Love those trees around it.
              * Main Street is an amazing attraction in itself here. It just seemed so much grander than those in USA, and full of some gorgeous details. Look up, down, & all around here. I absolutely loved the two unique arcade walkways on both outer edges, especially the one detailing the building of the Statue of Liberty.
              * Relax outside the Studios park entrance. Great place to people watch with some uplifting music from some of Hollywood's epic blockbusters. Just loved this soundtrack and wished they used it in FL.
              * See all the small details in the Cars Land in the Studios park. Enjoyed seeing Radiator Springs brought to life. And don't miss Crush's Coaster across from it. Lots of characters out & about in this area too. I ran into Remy. And I recommend the Cinemagique show in this park as well.

              Here's a helpful blog that AllEars put together last year that was helpful to me in planning a trip to Disneyland Paris.
              Disneyland Paris

              Enjoy and hope you have a magical trip!
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                Re: First visit to DLP

                WE went a couple of weeks ago, and I plan to post a trip report soon. We are from Australai, and fiund it very cold -max of -2C . However, long johns, good boots and a puffy jacket helped a lot.

                Limited hours in winter, but few queues, so we still got to see a lot. Some things were closed, like the canal boats. We had a wonderful time, and are glad we went.

                We stayed at Hotel Elysee at Val d'Urope, chaper than on site, and a few minutes by free shuttle or one train stop. Next door to a great Mall and foodcoaurt, and a designer outlet village (yeah French lingerie at half price !). Nice average hotel, but very hard beds. It is the only offsite hotel that offers early MagicHours, but not every day in winter, so check the hours this year if you are only going one day.

                The Adagio Aparthotel is nearby, but doesn't have early hours.

                You can day trip from Paris. The RER takes about 45-50 minutes from central Paris. In winter the parks are only open 10- 6 0r 7 on weekends, unless you have Magis Hours, so a commute is easy.

                When in Paris we stayed with Centreparis apartments. Clean, basic Ikea style, and quite cheap. Some US people like Vacations In Paris as they are US based, but I found them more expensive.

                I found the DIS Uk board helpful too. You may get cheaper prices from the DLP official site if you go in via the UK site , not the US one if you can supply a UK address. They don't mail anything, so we used a UK friend we were going to visit. They have different deals depending on the country you say you are from.
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                  Re: First visit to DLP

                  If you happen to end up staying in Paris check out this website for RER tickets to Disneyland: Paris Tours, Paris Metro ComboPass, Sightseeing Tours, and Shows Saves you from buying a (more expensive) full 6 zone pass.

                  I can not comment on the Disney area hotels, but we found this one to be very convenient (with a fair price), near the Eifel Tower (15-20 min walk) RER station near the tower, a couple of grocery stores near the hotel (food can be a bit on the expensive side in the restraunts), close to the metro system (5 min):


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                    Re: First visit to DLP

                    We went to Paris in 2008 and ended up staying in an apartment instead of a hotel and I absolutely loved it! We were right by Notre Dame. We were able to shop at the local grocery store and we saved a bunch on dining out. The metro is great there. We got to Disneyland with no problems. It was fun! Enjoy your trip!


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