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Halloween at DLP?

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  • [Question] Halloween at DLP?

    I'm tentatively planning to visit DLP the 2nd week in October, and was checking the official website... but there does not seem to be any information about what the resort is doing for halloween. Or maybe I did not look hard enough?
    So, does anyone have any idea what DLP may be doing for halloween during the 2nd week in October? Much appreciated.

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    Re: Halloween at DLP?

    They will have the pumpkin men as per usual, and there is a show on the hub. That is the main info, but as per usual, you will not really know the entertainment until October for sure. DLP is rubbish about planning (or at least sharing it). Jack and Sally have a meet and greet, as will Dr Facillier from the Princess and the Frog. There are halloween character meet and greets in Frontierland and Fantasyland. The Parade will have a slight Halloween feel with a preparade. There are also some Mickey's Not Very Scary Parties on the 8th, 15, 22 and 26th October from 8pm to 11pm in Frontierland and Fantasyland. But the adult Parties are Halloween weekend at the Studios and DLP.

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      Re: Halloween at DLP?

      I've been to DLP during Halloween before.

      The resort gets dressed up (or down) with pumpkin men and witches, centering in Frontierland, when I was there, they did a daily show outside Cowboy cookout aswell as pinata based participation shows.

      It was a good visit. But not something i'd do again.

      Hope thats some use for you TDLFAN.


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        Re: Halloween at DLP?

        Notice that they are using Villians Mix and Mingle music in the promo clip.

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          Re: Halloween at DLP?

          Thanks for the info everyone.

          Travis.. you should know that song it's called "Halloween-lo-ween..." or something like that and it was originally used for the halloween parade in DLP years ago, long before they stole it for the dreadful Mix and Mingle show at the MK's MNSSHPs.

          Baloo.. thanks for posting the link to the french page. Lucky for me, I can read it!! have to say.. does not sound as terribly exciting as DL's, HKDL's and TDR's halloween events, and those pumpking me.. they make an appearance in the HKDL parade as well.. (check out my halloween photos from HKDL). In regards to the afterhour parties .. I don't want to pay extra for just a few hours in the park. I hate it when Disney does not offer halloween at regular prices. So, I will not be doing the night time parties.

          Joelio, I too have been to DLP during Halloween twice before, when they used to put on the Lights of Winter on main Street USA.. in OCT!! I was hoping for at least a totally halloween-themed parade as opposed to just an intro to the regular parade des reves.


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            Re: Halloween at DLP?

            Sorry to say my friend, DLP has been the land of cut backs. Sinc the 15th Anniversary there has not been a full on Halloween Parade, and even last year's pay party they did not even have fireworks for the first time since they began. Once again DLP is behind all the other resorts in their offerings. Though Halloween is still my favorite time at DLP.
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              Re: Halloween at DLP?

              I see....Hmmm...


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                Re: Halloween at DLP?

                i have heard exciting things about their halloween festivities, hence the reason why i have been planning a trip tp DLP at this time over the past 2 years. granted, I am going on Halloween, but the decorating I have seen is a lot more than what you see here in FL.
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                  Re: Halloween at DLP?

                  This is the Press Release for Halloween (2010) :

                  September 2010. London, UK: Get ready for Halloween mayhem as Disneyland Paris celebrates the spooky festival from 2 October to 1 November 2010! Visit the park and be immersed in Disney Halloweenmosphere during the New Generation Festival and meet the latest new generation Disney Villain, Dr Facilier, from the Walt Disney Pictures animated film The Princess and the Frog.
                  The parks are transformed for the season and Frontierland in the Disneyland Park becomes Halloweenland Nightmare before Christmas will captivate guests and Pumpkin People storm the park to create unique Disney style orange mischief.
                  The much loved Disney's Once Upon a Dream Parade gets a Halloween twist with a brand-new float, 'Dreams of Trick or Treats'. The swamp themed float hosts Disney's new generation villain, Dr Facilier on board a ghostly boat, he's joined by other Disney favourites including Ratcliffe and Shan-Yu, the Villains from Pocahontas and Mulan and Cruella de Vil.
                  Pumpkin People, along with Gaston from Ratatouille and Jafar from the Disney classic, Aladdin hand out treats during the bewitching parade.
                  Several times throughout the day during the Halloween season, the central stage in the Disneyland Park plays host to a Halloween spectacular with Minnie Mouse mixing up a storm with the help of the Pumpkin People. Guest appearances from the team of Disney Villains lead by Dr Facilier turn the spectacular into a spooktacular and a scare-a-licious Halloween celebration ensues.
                  The most family fun...

                  8, 15, 22 and 26 October 2010 from 8 to 11 pm
                  These one-of-a-kind events are perfect for children of all ages who just can't wait to get dressed up. Disney Characters and Villains will be there to create an exclusive and interactive experience of exciting and truly unforgettable moments. Guests can also access a number of attractions in Disneyland Park open especially for the grand occasion.

                  The most terrifying...
                  24 per person)
                  30 October 2010, from 9 pm to 1 am
                  Prepare to face the darkest night at the Walt Disney Studios Park. Attractions are open exclusively for clients with gruesome creatures, monstrous characters and other-worldly artists haunting the abandoned park.

                  The most unforgettable...

                  31 October 2010, from 8.30 pm to 1 am
                  Guaranteed to be a scream and featuring a wide variety of events. Get ready for Disney's Halloween Party, the 'deadliest' night of the year in the Disneyland Park.
                  • Spooktacular street entertainment and stage shows throughout the evening
                  • The Disney's Fantillusion Parade led by the vicious Disney Villains, where the world of darkness meets the enchanted world in a fantastic twilight spectacular.
                  • A special Halloween Sound and Light Show with the fantangulous backdrop of Sleeping Beauty Castle.

                  Personally, I love this moment of the year! Especially at Disneyland Paris! There are a lot of decorations, good halloween show and so on... The special event "Disney's Halloween Party" (31 October) is the best! For example, here is the special show of the last year : (The video is divided into several parts (4))
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                    Re: Halloween at DLP?

                    One thing I still don't understand is why they never used that fantastic river ghost again. Now THAT was something totally unique, horrifying but still magical and extremely well executed, and most importantly, it didn't look cheap!

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                      Re: Halloween at DLP?

                      TDLFAN let me know when you re down here !!! That would be nice to see you again here in France mon ami !
                      HKDL : Done !!!


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                        Re: Halloween at DLP?

                        Here's some great footage of the new float with Dr Facilier the Shadowman:

                        And I love this video of the Halloween Party

                        YouTube - Disney's Halloween Party 2010 at Disneyland Paris
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                          Re: Halloween at DLP?

                          along with Gaston from Ratatouille
                          Did no one review this Press Release before it was sent out. Gaston is from Beauty and the Beast and not Rataouille!

                          Sinc the 15th Anniversary there has not been a full on Halloween Parade, and even last year's pay party they did not even have fireworks for the first time since they began. Once again DLP is behind all the other resorts in their offerings.
                          Glad you said this because when I visited in September. I notice a lot less decorations going up around the park compared to previous Halloween years. I think what is offered in Paris this year is rather pathetic compared to what I know the park is capable of producing for Halloween. Of course you probarely find most of the budget for Halloween has now gone into the ticketed events. Why give it away free when people can pay an additional cost instead. I wouldn't have a problem with it either if it was not for the fact what is offered at these events was vaule for money. But from what I have seen the offerings are poor. And are not up to the standard that parks like Tokyo and Hong Kong offer for free each year.
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