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First time to Disneyland Paris Questions


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  • [Question] First time to Disneyland Paris Questions

    Hey all,

    I'm from Australia and planning a trip to France in the latter half of this year and I was just wondering about how certain rides incorporate different languages.

    Now, this wouldn't really bother me as I have been to Disneyland in California and Walt Disney World in Florida many times, so I know the ride dialogue almost word for word

    However, I am also going to be taking my girlfriend (who has never left Australia, hence never been to a Disney park before) and although we both speak a little conversational French, I'd much rather she could experience the rides in English as much as possible. At least until I can take her to the U.S. Disney parks.

    The two main rides I'm concerned about are 'Pirates of the Caribbean' and 'The Phantom Manor'.

    Do these rides actually have an English soundtrack? I've been researching the Phantom Manor here on MiceChat and watched a few videos on YouTube and I understand that there's no narration throughout the ride and it's just before boarding. I did see a version of the Phantom Manor in English on Youtube though (just the entry spiel).

    Is PotC available in English? And is there any way to know when rides will be presented in French or English or is it just pot luck and random?

    And being aware that the Phantom Manor is radically different the the Haunted Mansion anywhere else in the world (why I really want to go and ride it), I was wondering, is PotC in DLP any different? Apart from not having the characters from the motion picture included of course.

    Appreciate the help guys! May have a few follow up questions


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    Re: First time to Disneyland Paris Questions

    I speak absolutely no French and had no problem understanding what was going on at any attraction.

    Phantom Manor's opening narration and Stretching Room are entirely in French. Madame Leota alternates between French and English every other line. The busts sing 'Grim Grim Grinning Ghosts' in English The other vignettes don't involve dialogue. Here is a video of the ride, if you'd like to see for yourself.

    Pirates of the Carribbean is very different. The theming is much richer than at the Stateside parks, and the opening scene really feels like an island paradise. You float through an extensive bit of fortress with some cool effects at the start, that you don't find elsewhere. The timeline also makes a bit more sense, as you see the skeleton pirates at the end. The skeletal pirates bit is much more detailed. It's my favourite version of the ride.

    Some of the pirates speak French, some English, for example, the Captain speaks French, and the crowd answers 'We wants the redhead, we wants the redhead.' You'll be pleased to find that 'Dead men tell no tales' is said in English. The theme song is sung in English.
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